Metal To Infinity 

After  the release of their debut album ‘The Order Of Chaos’ in 2009, the 5 members of this Canadian output played a lot of live gigs and toured mainly on the West Coast of Canada.   The band shared the stages with acts like Godsmack, Sonata Arctica,  Ensiferum and even Paul Di’Anno! As their debut was an independent release, The Order Of Chaos new exactly what they want: to put their mark on the metal map! They joined forces with one of the top notch producers and teamed up with respected and renowned music addicts. To new a few: Tom Baker did the mastering and worked with hundreds of rock and metal acts, ranging from Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones to Judas Priest and Mötley Crüe.  Co-production was done by Bill Kennedy (Megadeth, Testament, NIN…etc). This critically acclaimed debut has now a follow up disc, and together with the lads of Killer Metal Records, they want to expand their forces and moniker outside Canada! 

The second album is called ‘Burn These Dreams’ and is packed in a cool front cover artwork. The sticker ‘Parental Advisory – Explicit Content’ indicates that this is stuff for the P.M.R.C. of Al Gore’s bitch… For some it’s an extra attraction to check out the lyrics, but I guess that the youth of today is confronted with much more obscene and explicit content when the watch the news at 7 p.m.! In total, there are 10 tracks on this second album of The Order Of Chaos, and all songs have the same vibe and contain arrangements that are heavy, well dosed, and will repent your neck muscles! Especially three members drew my attention, while I was listening to this ‘Burn These Dreams’ album.  

First, you have female vocalist Amanda Kiernan, who is able to go high and low, to go deep and growl. She has it all, she will be roaring like a beast, and wailing like a whore!  Her clean parts are varied and when she goes rough, I can assure you: it will be rough! Secondly, both guitar players are named John and their playing technique is quite original as well.  They keep on spinning their strings throughout the songs, with a very fresh and open sound but at the same time with a technique that draws your attention all the time. Really awesome to listen when they are dueling! Of course, bass player Sterling and drummer Tim bring their metal also loud and proud and can’t be missed in the total sound of The Order Of Chaos, but they execute their skills a bit more in the background.  

If you want to explore this band with a more commercial track, then skip to track 5 “For Another Moment”, but if you prefer a stomping Heavy Metal song, just skip to the next one: “Darklord”. The power of this band is their variety, mixed in a kind of own sound. It contains a little Arch Enemy with some resemblances to the 80’s and a leap into the future.   There are really great songs on this second album, although I hope that they will follow the path of quality for their next release. After several listen sessions, I get the idea that the first songs contain more metal structures and better arrangements compared with the songs at the end, or second part. If prefer opener “Burn These Dreams” and “Hell Is Forever” instead of “The Size Of Her Diamond” and “End Of An Era”, but that’s just subjective.   

This one is proudly made in Canada, is the final message that we can read on the last page of the booklet and I totally agree: this is a Canadian masterpiece, ready for the future! Homepage The Order Of Chaos:     

My rating: 84 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)