Metal To Infinity

Well, because of the holidays I totally forgot about all the reviews I still had to write. So yes, I'm responsible for the delay! What do we have here, The Project Hate MCMXCIX? Sounds familiar. Let's give it a shot and try it out... Wow, the 6th full album in ten years? Where was I all this time?    

What I do know;  this is Swedish dynamite and I seldom heard a band with so much different faces. Okay, the combination of grunts and female voices ain't exactly new, not at all to be exactly but I don't know why in this case it gives me a special feeling. Not that Jonna Enckell owns a special - tough yet  very sweet - voice but the total concept works. Not for  a moment this CD is boring, therefore there are too much surprises! Not that strange if you see who's on the member list; Jurgen Sandstrom (ex Entombed, Gava, Krux, Vicious Art), Lord K. Philipson (Torture Division, God Among Insects), Anders Bertilsson (Coldworker, Ruin) and Thomas Ohlsson (Axenstar).    

Yes, I hear amazing guitar solos, good arrangements and some varied kind of Metal with a huge Gothic touch. The Project Hate is some special kind of Metal and the seven songs all have their own secrets. If you know that members of Amon Amarth, Mecryful Fate, Entombed and Pesilence are guest musicians you will easily know that musical wise this is a string release. Add Dan Swano as the man who was responsible for the mix and you understand that also the production is strong.    

This CD needs time but if you adore different emotions; aggressive brutality on the one hand and epic touches on the other The Project Hate MCMXCIX might be the CD you were waiting for. Some Death Metal, Gothic Metal, traditional Metal combined with Industrial touches! All is in perfect balance, the atmosphere is perfect, creativity is the magic word! Another strong release from VIC Records. 

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)