Metal To Infinity

Well, this is an interesting release coming out of Rome, Italy, named The Prowlers!  This band caught my interest with their second album ''Devil's Bridge'' around 2006.  Now they attack again with their third album ''Re-Evolution'', this time released on Pure Steel Records. As their previous album was on Locomotive Records, they got support from Pure Steel Records this time and that's a good move!  The Prowlers bring their Power Metal with a lot of enthusiasm and dedication, and above all, they sound new, refreshing and driven with the energy that a good metal band needs.   

Compared with the previous album, I have the idea that the new one is less progressive, contains more up speed songs and last but not least, they worked for the first time with a female guest vocalist, named Martina Pelosi. Her vocals, mixed with those of Fabio Minchillo, establish this band to the next move in their career.  They were on tour with the guys from Circle II Circle and Manticora, and those that attended the shows will be surprised about the skills of this band.  I guess that this tour was a perfect warming up in support of this new album. The band got on several places and stages and will result in a tighter playing live without losing the energy to bring their songs with a lot of play joy.    

Back to the album now.  After a spherical intro, the first killer track 'Red Smoke' will shake your head and prove that these guys know how to rock!  This is only a first neck breaker, so save some energy for what's to come!  Besides fast songs and more progressive tracks, there is also a kind of obliged ballad 'Do You Feel The Same' where we can listen to a duet between Fabio and Martina.  Great song, slightly unpretentiously but with all elements that a good ballad needs.  After this track, it's time to Rock again with the short instrumental 'Insomnia' followed by the next attack 'Your Conscience' that contains much more progressive elements.   

What I like about this band is their totally unfamiliar style with other Italian bands.  They don't have any comparison with Labyrinth, Rhapsody, Domine or whatsoever. They sound non-Italian, and believe me that's a compliment!  Their vocalist is awesome, the musicians are above the average and the songs bring on a lot of joy and amusement.  The more you listen to the songs, the better they become, and only great albums have these properties!    

So, let's give a round of applause for these Italians, and check to catch their album.  By the way, before we end this review, I want to add this little information. This band started as an Iron Maiden coverband, that's how they got into this name.

My rating: 90 / 100  (Review by Patrick De Sloover)