Metal To Infinity

Let me introduce you to The Retaliation Process. This is a new band, formed in 2008 and their home base is Hamburg. As a matter of fact Hamburg becomes pretty famous when we talk about Heavy Metal. It must be outstanding living there, having the knowledge that there’s so much to do in that area. Wacken Open Air, Headbangers Open Air, Headbangers Ballroom,… all are in or in the neighborhood of this Northern German city. 

Talking about The Retaliation Process I can only say that fans of Pantera, Slayer and especially Machine Head should try this one out. If you’re into Thrash Metal with ‘on the edge’ riffing this might be what you’re searching for. The Retaliation Process plays on the boundaries of extreme Metal and it seems they especially want to create an overwhelming wall of sound. And yes, they succeed in their goal although they can’t always seduce me with it… 

Nevertheless The Retaliation Process pleased me with several varied good songs which are full of power. This band has a modern touch and shows for what the present Metal scène is standing for. Also the vocals are rough and raw, powerful from the beginning until the end. In some tracks, like “Four seasons of self mutilation” Christoph Madarasz uses a clean voice and it fits the music very well. It are on these specific moments The Retaliation Process shows a more melodic face. Another surprise is the instrumental “…Prozac”, containing fantastic acoustic guitars! It is a welcome pause on this album… “On The Way Back” was another track I enjoyed pretty much, showing once more what The Retaliation Process is capable of. It also proves that this band is at some points hard to label.  

The Retaliation Process delivers a good debut album and this high energetic band will probably kick major ass on stage. The bonus tracks are worth checking this band out! Check them out at  

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)