Metal To Infinity

Hell yeah, one of my favourite Classic Heavy Metal bands is back after an absence of 15 years – “Vengeance” is the title of these New York based veterans new album released through Niji Entertainment. 

It was 1980 The Rods hit me in the face for the very first time with their debut LP entitled “Rock Hard”. Back then, I collected as much as possible demo tapes / LP’s – it was our way of living, we were all hooked on the mighty forces of Classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music – basically our way of living those days! A form of music that came into my life since late seventies / early eighties,  conquered my soul right away and I gave it a very special place deep within my heart. Through the following years, the passion still grew and grew on – today it’s the ninth of June 2011 and be sure, I'm still hooked on it with all of my heart! Bands like The Rods and innumerable others made me to what I am right now – a defender of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music mainly! 

Over a period of 6 years, The Rods released more awesome albums such as “The Rods”, “Wild Dogs”, “In The Raw”, Let Them Eat Metal”, “Heavier Than Thou” and a couple of live ones. Due to the high quality Heavy Metal these albums deliver it’s a hard task to tell which one I prefer in the end but okay, I’ll give it a try and would like to say “In The Raw”. Released through legendary Shrapnel Records in 1983 by Mr. Mike Varney who offered some more great stuff back then. To name a few I’d like to call one of the most Metal samplers ever recorded named US Metal compilation Vol. 1 / 2 / 3 and 4. Tons of great acts participated – also The Rods were present with the tracks ‘Wings Of Fire’ (US Metal Vol .2-1982) and ‘Hot City’ taken from US Metal Vol.3 released in 1983. If you’ve never heard about these legendary US Metal compilations, you better cruising around the World Wide Web! 

We all know the The Rods’ line up as follows: David ‘Rock’ Feinstein (Guitars / Lead Vocals); Gary Bordonaro (Bass / Vocals) and Carl Canedy (Drums / Vocals) but on the very first “Rock Hard” effort, it was Stephen Starmer who took control on the Bass lines. I don’t know why exactly stepped out of the ranks, point is that from that moment on Garry Bordonaro replaced him and never went away. The last few years, The Rods appeared on a few festivals such as Headbangers Open Air in Germany – watching the DVD edition from the festival I really had a great time when The Rods walked the stage playing a few songs / fantastic medley of their undying classics. Better make notice of the fact they will make Europe unsafe during a June 2011 tour along with the band Dio Disciples (featuring: Tim "Ripper" Owens, Toby Jepson, Simon Wright, Craig Goldy, James LoMenzo and Scott Warren)! Take a look right HERE.    

It seems like 2011 gonna be THE year for The Rods – the ultimate comeback of one of the pioneers of Classic Heavy Metal. A whole lotta list of European gigs to let go and of course the release of their brand new album entitled “Vengeance”. David, Garry and Carl are back to take the world by storm with a vengeance! Releases like this makes me still proud to be a Classic Heavy Metal maniac. Checking out the eleven new songs on “Vengeance” I only can tell that nothing has changed in the camp of these veterans. This is The Rods I used to know from so many years ago. People always said that you don’t have to change a winning team – well, in the case of The Rods it’s totally true… the flames of Metal still burns hot within these legends camp! 

David ‘Rock’ Feinstein’s vocals as usual quite raw but clear and power loaded – also his unique way of guitar riffing and solo moves bring back the good old memories of The Rods. Garry’s bass and Carl’s drums roaring and thundering like heaven comes down but actually I'm not surprised about that – Checking out their skills on the new album “Vengeance” allows me to say that both musicians do as they always did, I mean bringing some extra heavyweight to the entire concept. Great job guys! 

“Raise Some Hell” and ‘I Just Wanna Rock” to open the album with in a Classic Heavy Metal and brings me back the early days of The Rods. ‘Rebels Highly’ reminds me of their ‘Nothing Going On In The City’ legendary song mixed with a few ‘Heaven And Hell’ (Black Sabbath) type of guitar rhythms. ‘The Code’ featuring Ronnie James Dio on vocals means a lot to me. Almighty Ronnie J.D. can be heard on the new album from The Rods – a beautiful gift, actually a tribute to one of the greatest frontmen ever! David Feinstein is the cousin of RJD and played together in a band called ELF many, many years ago. I'm very pleased with a great song like ‘The Code’, truth is that this were Ronnie’s last recordings ever – a song to cherish with all of my heart! 

‘Let It Ripp’ crawls out of my speaker with tickling drumsticks in the beginning – what follows will set you on fire. Nice headbanging rhythms and for some reason, this one does remind me a bit on Anvil in their early days of existence - superb track and another fave of mine! Also next song ‘Fire Fire With Fire’ kicks me into the direction of good old Anvil. Pedal to the metal with a song called ‘Runnin’ Wild’ before the last one called ‘Vengeance’ rips my speakers to shreds while bringing on pure old school Heavy Metal riffs in a slower tempo but hard as a solid rock.  

If this album should have lasted a while longer – you wouldn’t hear me complain at all but from the bottom of my heart… “Vengeance” from The Rods is a damn great output made by a bunch of everlasting Classic Metal believers with their hearts on the right spot!  I can’t get enough of the album and give all of the songs a restart right now! Watch out for The Rods at:  or  (you can order your own copy of “Vengeance” via this url).   

My Points: 92 / 100 (Review by Stefan)