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Lakeland Florida based The Sacrificed just released their new album “2012” through Roxx Records and we at Metal To Infinity webzine Belgium are so damn honoured with it, it ain’t a problem to give the band what they deserve – a fair and very appreciated review. 

The Sacrificed is a three piece US Christian Power Metal band playing their game in a good old so called Classic Metal way – bands linger on while listening to “2012” are Neon Cross, Sacred Warrior, Heir Apparent, Queensryche, Deliverance, Agent Steel, Lethal, … you know what I mean, don’t ya! They absolutely stole my heart shortly after I gave the CD a first try-out… I barely screamed it out from total pleasure – in other words, I just met a new favourite US Metal act! 

Like most of the White Metal acts, the vocals of lead singer / guitarist Eli Prinsen are high pitched, sometimes with a melancholic undertone and it turns out extremely good! On a few moments, Eli surprised me totally due to a rare and unexpected kinda vocal use better to defined as dark and very deep, a bit old school Dark / New Wave (check the beginning of a song called ‘No Promise Of Tomorrow’ and passages in another track called ‘Believe’ to make up your mind) spiced. Make notice of the fact this happens only a few times, for 99 percent he uses a very high pitched throat that really blows me outta control! 

First hit in the face is the titletrack ‘2012’ with its awesome vocals and great rhythms…fans of late Agent Steel better maker a stand and obey to the almighty forces of US Power Metal. Tracks that keep on crossing my mind for quite a long time because of their touchable feel are ‘Freedom’, ‘Victorious’, Saved’ and definitely ‘Heaven’. The refrains and the melancholic / melodic passages still linger on – I can’t keep them out of my head the rest of the day. Another awesome typical Classic US Metal one comes along by the title of ‘The Return’. In the vein of early Deliverance – GREAT! ‘The Path To Righteousness’ has an old Manilla Road feel in the beginning but find back its own paths of high pitched leading US Metal strength a bit later on. 

‘I Concede’ is offered so nice and gentle with a lot of inner passion, this very calm and easy song is obviously played from the heart and with a song like this, The Sacrificed succeeded again in style according to my own opinion! There is one song left I really like to announce as ‘very recommended’ – it’s a cover song from one of my own favourite Christian Metal acts named Deliverance. The song is entitled ‘Slay The Wicked’ and sounds amazingly brilliant! 

US Metal maniacs will have a great time listening to “2012” – an album that will deserve a place in my favourite top 20 list of 2010. Within a while I will have a talk with Eli Prinsen, vocalist and guitar player of The Sacrificed so keep an eye on our interview section. Awesome album delivered by three guys, actually true defenders of Holy Metal.

My Points: 94 / 100 (Review by Stefan)