Metal To Infinity

Sometimes, it’s really hard to write a review about a new release. Will it fit in my personal taste? Is it obvious to describe something good or bad? What if we have a totally different point of view? Is it fair to write and publish it to the world? All these questions make it even harder to write an honest opinion of one individual… Anyhow, I will weigh my words and try to be honest to those out there! 

The Saint James Society is a band from Austin, TX (USA), and they describe their music as psychedelic garage rock. Somehow, I agree, although there is a huge part psychedelic and a lesser part garage present. Their music connects the dots between the late 60s British blues-based bands and the brooding atmospheres of early 80 post punk, resulting in a hypnotically powerful sound. The raw energy of this five-piece melt with an energized recording that demands to be heard at maximum volume.   

There are 4 tracks on this CD, with the song ‘Reflections’ as opener. Almost 4 minutes are necessary to start the engine. This song builds out, stone after stone, or perhaps better, instrument after instrument to come to a climax. Pretty weird and ‘not-done-before’… Totally different is the next track on this self titled EP, called ‘The Ballad Of The White Horse’. What’s in a name, right? From the very first moment, you will notice that the White Horse is pretty heavy! A cool guitar solo shoots out of the blocks and this is more my cup of tea! The third and fourth track on this EP have all an own identity, and in fact this covers this whole release.   

This release isn’t suitable for people that want their music hard and heavy. Those that want to broaden their horizons and like the music that was made 4 decades ago shout take a moment and listen to this album. It would not be fair to review this with a scale from 0 out of 100 as it is too personal, and too complex to force my opinion. This isn’t stuff for metalheads, as the Saint James Society reduces the blues to one nasty lick pickled in distortion!  

My rating: ? / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)