Metal To Infinity

This time we take a trip to Spain, more specifically Madrid, to introduce you all to a band named The Seed. Early 2006, a few guys wanted to set up a band influenced by Metal music from the 80’s / 90’s in the vein of Pantera, Slayer, Sepultura and more.  All legends of Metal actually so The Seed had a lot to practise to become as big is them but I guess that was not the main point to focus on. Starting a band, well it’s always good to have some idols in mind where you can take the inspirations from, right! And so these Spanish lads did – first demo “Demonsterations” popped up in 2007, shortly after the band had to deal with line-up problems. The fact that guys leaving the ranks after a while – well, we heard this story so many times before but that’s the way it goes. To loose a fight does not mean that you’ll loose the war so stand strong and look forward, in this case the hunt for new members and rebuild a new line-up seem mainly important. The Seed seems to succeed in their search for new blood – new guys entered the ranks and with united forces, they were ready to records their debut album “From Nowhere To No One”, an independent output with 12 songs on the list to enjoy. 

The Seed brings on Thrash Metal with a modern edge – I hear influences from late Pantera, Fear Factory, Machine Head,… also late Slayer / Metallica lingers on in my mind. Globally seen, nothing wrong taking inspirations from these legends – I’m a fan of them also (since their early days of existence actually) but have to admit that when years passed by, my complete interest in these Metal giants faded away in some ways. So, I’d like to make my standpoint clear and say that I mostly like them such as they played back in the eighties period – in full force with no compromises.  

The Seed’s way of Metal can be described as so called modern Thrash Metal with excellent, groovy (sometimes doomy) riffs and flashing guitar works which is obviously the strongest trademark of the band. When the pedal Is going down straight to the Metal, you better start gasping for air… headbangers are warned by now! Drummer in charge kills with a devastating way of using the bass drums – sometimes it goes fast or should I say raging fast! Furious / aggressive vocals to the extreme, this guy screams from the top of his lungs and fits totally with this type of Metal music. About the guest appearance of Dave Rotten from Avulsed – every now and than, he pops up like a demon from hell spitting flame and fire offering death grunts. Another guess musician is Baphomet’s David Lopez on bass guitar. 

The song structures as well as the production of “From Nowhere To No One” deserve a big applause – each song has a different character so you won’t be bored for sure. They goddamn know very well when it’s time to deliver a furious (burst out) – it happens several times so better be prepared for the attack! Songs that really deserves a check up are: ‘Antihuman Brigade’, ‘Dead Seed’, ‘Remorse’ (partial calm with awesome outbursts) and  ‘Bay Of Fools’. 

According to me, “From Nowhere To No One” can survive the nowadays stream of Thrash Metal. I’ve heard a bunch of good Metal musicians with a strong attitude and clear vision of what they want precisely. Nothing to do with old school Thrash Metal, this is ‘another’ breed of modern Thrash which is not my favourite alley honestly but I still had a great time listening to The Seed’s debut album. They got the balls and straight spirit to go on – hope they catch a record deal soon, they deserve it!  

My Points: 83 / 100 (Review by Stefan)