Metal To Infinity

The name The Sun Pilots (Australia) saw daylight back in 2010 but due to some reason the band decided to leave their home base – they moved on to the other side of the world, destination Europe… more specifically Berlin. A bold move but after all, it seemed to be a successful decision – these so called ‘Rolling Stones’ booked more than 160 shows and 17 festival since then.   

Consisting out of four players, The Sun Pilots brought out a debut effort in 2008, entitled: “Living Receiver” which received a ‘MusicOz Award’, ‘Indie album of the year’ and two ‘album of the week’ awards.  I’ve received the promo via Gordeon Music last week and before start listening to the entire album I take a good look at the info sheet and saw that good reviews came in, radio stations played their songs, … pretty curious as I am, it was time to push the play button to give a vision on the album myself afterwards. 

Well, ”King Of The Sugarcoated Tongues” has eight tracks on board, is available as a good looking digi-pack and the production of the entire CD is also really good but… according to me, all the guys seem to be well schooled musicians but to speak about the style of music, I’m not the one who like this genre at all. Some of the songs are based on Progressive Rock and I have no problem with that but the point that makes me completely uncomfortable are the added ‘alternative’ elements. I never enjoyed it and I never will as long as I live! This is a pure personal statement but every man have to follow his own heart, right.  

Eight songs on the tracklist and there is only one piece called ‘Sex And TV’ which brings me a moderate pleasure because of some good old Pink Floyd / Led Zeppelin vibes processed in this song. Furthermore, I have nothing more to tell about the new album from The Sun Pilots. The alternative / indie elements push me away and make me totally unsatisfied. I’m sure that the band have build up a huge list of worldwide fans but I’m not the one you’ll find back within. Not my style at all – if you are the one longing for music in the vein of Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Skunk Anansie, check out their homepage at: /   

Review by Stefan