Metal To Infinity

I’ve heard several awesome releases this year and we’re only halfway. Nevertheless I can already say which albums will end high in my year list. Heathen, Nevermore and Third Eye. Who? Third Eye? Never heard of them? I did neither until I discovered them on the Hellspawn website from my friend, Mister Hell (check Mister Hell knows my taste and should have known this band would blow me totally away and they did…they still do and they always will! 

If you checked my year lists before you would have noticed Darkology and Outworld ended as the ultimate albums of the specific years they were released. No coincidence that Third Eye fits this row because they deliver the same quality as the very first Beyond Twilight to name another point of similarity. Do you get the picture? I suppose so, first class Progressive Power Metal, from the highest possible level on every single detail! 

I just adore this kind of music because it’s mysterious, melodic, powerful, surprising and every second there something new to discover. The wall of sound, created by superb guitars, subtle bass guitar lines and technical played drums are the base of this whole experiment. Add guitar solos that are played with all possible feelings and those varied, dark arrangements and you’ll be as speechless as I am right now, even after the first listen. 

Third Eye’s singer is a man called Per Johansson. This man is totally unknown to me but only by this release he searches and even deserves his place amongst my all time favorite vocalists. He’s comparable with Jorn Lande (Beyond Twilight era) and even more to Kelly Carpenter, the extraordinary front man of Darkology and Outworld. I know, I keep on repeating the same bands but Third Eye fits so perfect in this row that it’s impossible to name others…. Believe me this is a huge compliment because every single band I’ve mentioned delivered perfect Heavy Metal before! Per Johanssons has incredible possibilities with his voice; from touching the highest notes to singing a grunt and adding hysterical and mysterious vibes in his timbre to end with giving every single note the right emotions… Mind-blowing! 

Third Eye delivers one after another highlight and it is impossible to say which song is my favorite one. This spectacular bands takes you by the throat and plays tunes that will be forever in your darkest thoughts! They experienced with instruments and vocals but never lose their sense for melody. This is awesomeness in its purest form, another example how sublime Progressive Power Metal really can be. They’re violent and aggressive on the one hand, emotional and heart touching at the other. This is a US style Progressive Power Metal masterpiece, capturing the sheer essence of the genre and improving, ranging from fierce and aggressive numbers to catchy, song-oriented tunes all the way to towering, multi-faceted Metal workouts! The subtle atmospheric elements are the details that make this debut album sound so incredible good! The solos are ripping guitar, the riffs cutting but can’t always be compared with what the Harris brothers did in Darkology or what Rusty Cooley did in Outworld.  

No doubts in my mind that  “Recipe For Disaster” will end in my top five his year. This is how I want my Metal to sound and I can only hope Third Eye won’t be another band that will release only one perfect album. Nevertheless I realize it will be a hard job to do better because I rate this one with a very positive score. Check these Dannish guys out at:  

My Points: 94 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)