Metal To Infinity

Thirty 2 Life is a Metal band from Akansas – USA. This seems to be the second CD from these guys. This four piece Metal band contains members who adore Heavy Metal; Megadeth, Motörhead and Sentenced seem to be important sources of inspiration. At least that’s what I can read about them at their page. 

Listening to this release I hear that the band delivers melodic lines and music in which the guitars are heavily produced. The music is mostly built on slower rhythms but none of the songs is able to take me by the throat. Nevertheless I like the vocal lines and the power the band brings on. Not the most sophisticated riffs, nor are the solos mind blowing but the band stands tall. Vocal wise you’ll hear tunes that are melodically performed but Michael Adams doesn’t contain a wide ranged voice and his vocal sound might be the reason why I have troubles getting into this record. 

Overall the production could be far stronger and this might be the weakest point on this CD. For some reason I’m quite sure Thirty 2 Life is able to deliver far better stuff! The song writing is pretty good and the band has very good ideas! If I may be honest they need to work hard at the production and in my opinion they need a singer with a clean and strong voice; somebody who is able to lift them up to a higher level. At some points the band sounds Progressive, even some Thrashy and at other points I hear some grunge. It is clear that Thirty 2 Life is searching for its own identity and with their musical brains they should receive that goal! 

I didn’t dislike any of the songs and as I’ve said before the ideas are good! The title track for example is more than a decent song and I suppose it’s no coincidence the guitar solo is far better than in the other songs! Riffs I hear in “The Silence Sings”, “The Day We Dread”  and “Despise Me” are satisfying and makes me understand why Megadeth was mentioned as being influencing! Thirty 2 Life blends melody, power and a grunge atmosphere, making them sound as a typical American Nineties Metal band. 

Thirty 2 Life isn’t at all a bad band but I’m convinced there are much more possibilities. Nevertheless these guys deserve a chance to be heard by you. Check them out at:  

My Points : 72 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)