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A while ago I reveiwed the new three song promo CD simply entitled a “Promo 2010” a genius guitar player (read awesome shredder), named Thom Mathews. Sneak around Metal To Infinity’s CD reviews section - you better take a look at our interviews too because I had a chat with this guitar god! The songs on “Promo 2010” took my breath away and left me behind in a state of amazement. Thom once played in a Technical Death Metal band called Quinta Essentia but decided to step outside the core to go his own way. Shortly after he parted ways with Quinta Essentia, he recorded a solo debut album named “Mindcraft”… skilled to the core – the album see daylight in 2007 through Black Flame Records, Thom sent me a copy to review and yes, I'm a lucky son of a gun again. 

Meeting guitar players loaded with world class, quite unbelievable shred tactics… well, my interest / full admiration started way back in early eighties. It were countless bands appeared on a US record company named Shrapnel Records those who pulled me over the line. To many to list them all – to make up your mind a bit, you would search for the almighty, still irresistible compilation LP’s brought out under the title “US Metal Vol 1 up to 4” by legendary Mr. Mike Varney! If you find these albums, you know what I mean with Shred Guitar tactics. 

Thom Mathews’s debut CD “Mindcraft” is a killer one to me. He overwhelmed me all over with his 2010 promo tracks, curious as I was about his previous tracks – this guy simply plays only the very best. Most people get the creeps while hearing solo’s to the extreme well I don’t. The more shreds, the more pleasure inside my heart. It’s just amazing to hear all those forms of technical movements. I'm sure all these musicians learned to handle a guitar shortly after they were born. David Lee Roth (ex-Van Halen) once had a song called ‘In The Cradle We Rock’ – as for the entire Shred community I’d like to use quite the same expression as well… replace the word Rock for Shred and there you go! 

Thom’s style of playing chords, solo’s in many multiple manners have an old school character. His T. MaCalpine, V. Moore or M. Friedman type of acting speaks to my imagination. Seven songs to enjoy on his debut album “Mindcraft” – Thom mostly plays pure powerplay riffing with extraordinary fast fingered solo’s able to impress your mind – once you hear this guy racing up and down the fretboard of his guitar, you will be longing for more. Also the rhythms are very varied, some moments he blows you away with a power blast – a bit later on Thom gently offers some kind of a fusion type guitar play and it works contagiously, believe me on my word.  

Thom Mathews surprised me once again – this debut album “Mindcraft” sounds beautiful, his newest “Promo 2010” even better so without a doubt he will be back soon with other compositions to spoil the world wide Shred Guitar fanbase more and more. Thom Mathews – another leading force in outstanding, breathtaking guitar playing.  

My Points: 88 / 100 (Review by Stefan)