Metal To Infinity

Way back in the early eighties, I bought a few (vinyl) albums released by the almighty American producer Mike Varney – as far I can remember there were four editions of the US Metal compilation series that came out those days through Shrapnel Records, Mike’s own label. All these efforts brought me in a situation I was totally taken by the throat as I enjoyed each and every, magnificent Shred Guitar tactic on it! It’s true, these US Metal compilation albums featuring the most impressive axemen pumped up my interest in gifted guitar works to the extreme. My admiration for all those top notch shredders grew as time passed by… decades later on now, my heart still beats faster and faster hearing one or another guitar God pulling strings in so many impressive manners. Up to date, I’ve got a wide list of favourite, worldwide guitar players and it seems like the list still grows on and on. A while ago and via myspace, I came in touch with a guy from Atlanta, Georgia USA named Thom Mathews – loaded with uncountable skills, this guy delivers nothing but the very best. 

He sent me his new three song promo 2010 demo awaiting its new album that probably shall see daylight later on this year (I hope). Brothers and sister into shred guitar – THIS IS AMAZING! He started his musical career as guitarist for Quinta Essentia, a technical Metal band to the extreme. The band released their debut work in 2006 entitled “Neutrality For Defined Chaos”. Nevertheless the fact I’ve never heard this band before, I’m sure they absolutely kick ass because it simply can’t go wrong with a musician like Thom Mathews inside the ranks. But Thom was that brilliant, he got the attention from Black Flame Records – yes, he even brought out his debut solo album “Mindcraft” out in a time span of only eight days. I’ve read a couple of reviews – none one of these were bad… on the contrary, each writer wrote down his thoughts on the album with a highly form of appreciation for Thom’s world class skills. 

A second effort was planned to work out – even the album was about to let loose via Black Flame Records… this second effort never saw the crack of dawn which is a very painful situation for a brilliant guitar God like Thom Mathews. What went wrong between the label and Thom, I actually don’t know but the fact that interests me most of all is that this great musician is still on the hunt for a new record label and is pretty busy writing new stuff for a third album that’ll be released sooner or later. “Promo 2010” contains three flammable instrumental songs, actually rough mixes from a few works meant to be released on its second output. 

Well, these three songs really means a lot to me – all the elements I’d like to hear from a guitar player are representative for sure. According to me, it’s nearly miraculous how fantastic these tracks really are.  Instruments he takes for his account on the promo are: all electric / acoustic guitars, keyboards and bass guitar on one track. The other bass movements were done by a guy named Jason Flippo, Lance Wright delivers the drum parts. Perfection all over – catchy moments, speed up parts, melodic all the way,… to keep it short, this must be the trademark of one of the greatest axe wielders at the moment. Stepping right into the footsteps of other guitar wizards like Rusty Cooley, Marty Friedman, Vinnie Moore, Tony MacAlpine or Jeff Waters (to name but a few)… Thom Mathews just stole my complete attention – another Guitar God is born for sure! 

I truly hope Thom will find a new record label soon enough so he can put his own way of pulling strings on the international map of famous guitar masters. Look forward to hear some more – shred maniacs, gather around and show your support and dignity for true guitar tactics! Go check him out at:  you can even watch some of his phenomenal guitar tricks right HERE. 

My Points: 98 / 100 (Review by Stefan)