Metal To Infinity

Thornwill is a band from Hungary, not directly a popular country if we talk Metal. Nevertheless more and more bands are coming from the Eastern part of Europe and I admit I’ve discovered several goodies from out there. I had no idea what to expect with this release but allow me already to say that Thornwill surprised me in a very positive way!

Let me start with the booklet. This is a private pressing but it didn’t hold Thornwill to be exclusive with their booklet. The lyrics are added on pages with some cool comics, there even seems to be the brand for this band. It gives this CD it’s own character and for a part the same can be said if we talk about the music. Not that Thornwill discovered new boundaries but in what they’ve done on this CD I can call them pretty original. Let me explain; Thornwill mixes several subgenres but focused on very good and addictive melodic arrangements. Think Nevermore (“Dead Heart In A Dead World” era), Savatage, Vicious Rumors, Mystic Prophecy, Brainstorm etc. So yes, Thronwill delivers good things we’ve heard from plenty of famous bands before. Thornwill created for a part their own sound with it and the result is a CD that must be heard by every fan of traditional modern Heavy / Power Metal!

For a private pressing this record contains a very good production. No exaggerating in any direction but the guitar sound, the drums, the bass guitars are mixed as it is supposed to be. Thornwill is pretty powerful and shouldn’t hesitate in the future to even sound  a bit more aggressive. Thankfully Thornwill have discovered the secret to balance melody and Progressive touches into their music, making this album one to listen and re-listen time after time. The band isn’t afraid to slow down the rhythms and introduce female voices or good played keyboards into their music. The title track is a perfect prove… For the rest very varied and strong tracks are foreseen from which "Behind The Behavior" is another one that pleased me a lot.

Thornwill produces the kind of music you will like when you’re in a good day. “Midnight Hunger” for example is a track every fan of Heavy/Power Metal like. Singer Almos Gabor contains a very good voice and his sound and range is strong enough to be convincible. I can easily imagine that this guy is a perfect front man on stage. Both guitar players produce good played riffs and guitar solos and they're responsible for the Progressive sound in every single track.

If you’re into straight Heavy / Power Metal with a slight Progressive touch Thornwill might be something for you. The band is strong enough to look further than the Hungrian boundaries and I should be surprised if there isn’t any label that would pick them up. No exceptional yet a pretty good release. Check them out on where you can download the entire CD.

My Points: 81 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)