Metal To Infinity

Two albums from Colombian bands in one package? Is there some kind of a "Spring Revolution" going on in this country? I was convinced that only the North of Africa knew this revolution… Anyway I can’t say the Colombian Metal scène is totally unknown to me nowadays after writing both reviews. Thunderblast released two albums before but I suppose it really is the first time I meet this band. Let’s take a listen….

The first thoughts are pretty positive and Thunderblast doesn’t sound at all as a ‘bargain’ band! The production is for sure pretty professional and the played songs sounds good as well. Thunderblast seems to be a pure Power Metal band with influences of lots of genres, either American or European. The front cover is awesome too and therefore I believe Thunderblast really worked hard to get noticed. I suppose it will be double as hard as an American and even thrice as an European band to get any attention but they have my interest anyway!

Listening to the tracks on this disc I hear nothing innovating, instead I can say lots of things are very well performed. The rhythms are well played and Thunderblast succeeds in the goal to mix melodic lines into their powerful 'no nonsense' Metal. They make me think to Metalium from Germany although singer Felipe Marchado Franco isn’t as good as Henning Basse. But he’s not bad at all, although I sometimes doubt the stability of his voice and I believe the vocal lines need to be more varied. Nevertheless I am into the vocal sound and can say this guy did a pretty good job…

Thunderblast is indeed a well chosen name for the band because one after another powerful song is heading my way. These Colombians created a wall of sound, one the listener can’t deny! The guitars, riffs and solos, are very good and these guys know how to write great arrangements! This is Metal ‘pur sang’ although I can’t say any of the songs really took me by the throat, therefore I need more emotions (no matter what kind) into the music. Some solos did instead make me listen with eyes wide shut! The influences are clear but Thunderblast knows how to deal with them and that makes them sound as a very good Metal band! Straight riffs, superb double bass drums and enough breaks to hold your attention from the beginning until the end!

Real metal heads will be pleased by this Colombian band and I suppose - even hope – to hear more from them in the future. A bit more originality wouldn’t hurt because they should be aware that there’s already some kind of saturation if we talk about this kind of Metal. Fans of a mixture between Metalium, Overkill, Manticora, Iced Earth, Iron Maiden etc. should pay attention and surf to or

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by officer Nice)