Metal To Infinity

Hailing from Norwegian – Thunderbolt is back with a vengeance… third and brand new full length album “Dung Idols” has been released around March 2011 through Rock It Up Records, a label definitely worth to keep an eye on. Check THIS spot and watch all the great works they’ve released so far! Maybe you’ve heard about Thunderbolt from Poland but that’s another question – they play Black Metal, are from Poland thus nothing to do with the band who just released the great “Dung Idols”. I just wanted to mention this fact to avoid all misunderstandings you know.  

In collaboration with mighty producer Andy La Rocque, “Dung Idols” has been produced, mixed and mastered in a way I’d like to call ‘very professional’. Damn right this album sounds real good and actually, the entire packaging (cover art, booklet, lay out,…) are worked out by the hands of experts. “Demons And Diamonds”, Thunderbolt’s debut album saw daylight in 2003 followed by a second output called “Love And Destruction” (2006). Some kind of a silence descended over the camp of Thunderbolt and we had to wait for five years for a new album to release. Was it worth to wait? Well, you better believe it was!! This new Thunderbolt album “Dung Idols” is what pure Metal is all about for sure… 

This is a great piece of Classic Heavy and Power Metal to me – fantastic singer that reminds me of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson and Aska’s George Call… Tony Johannessen from Thunderbolt – able to compete with the best Heavy metal singers at the moment. Loud and very clear, sometimes dealing with high pitched vocal lines… awesome! Both guys taking care of the guitar works deliver an outstanding form of teamwork. Chemistry is obviously present – expect a massive load of in-your-face Heavy Metal riffings and melodic, sharp as steel solo’s - all played as pure as can be and with a lot of variation! No worries about the bass and drum works – loud, wild and heavy, big applause to these guys as well! 

Opener of the CD is the title track which shows immediately what the band has in its possession. Totally inspired by the almighty forces of Classic Heavy Metal – a killer opening song! Next in line is ‘Metal Tide’ that starts with a nice, technical bass solo to go further as a well done Metal song, 80s styled Metal prevails here and you won’t hear me complain at all! When I hear the song ‘Fight’ my mind goes out to one of my favourite singers named George Call from US Metal act Aska. By the way, the entire song gives me a very good feel due to the present Aska comparisons… superb! Headbangers make a stand and obey – ‘Heel Run’ comes crawling outta my speakers and it’s speed up time right away. Name of the game: Power, Heavy Metal played on quite high speed velocities. More Classic Metal riffs to open up last song ‘Crime Of The Sentry’ and no failures to detect honestly… Thunderbolt just stole my heart with their new album “Dung Idols”! 

To me, Heavy Metal started to live back in the early 80s and from that moment on it was never out of my life. This style of music came into my life like a thief in the night, ruled with an iron fist throughout decades and according to myself… it will never fade away. Those who make themselves hard that Heavy Metal music is a tale of history better take a turn and get the hell outta my face! Read this: Heavy Metal still rules supreme and that’s a fact! Very pleased with “Dung Idols”, an album made for all those hooked on Classic Metal in general. Check them out at:  

My Points: 87 / 100 (Review by Stefan)