Metal To Infinity

Quite a while ago, I was a damn lucky bastard due to the fact – Delaware, USA based Thunderbrew sent me their album “Red, White And Blue” which I’ve reviewed from the heart. I gave the effort a high rating, a rating 100% deserved! Yeah, Thunderbrew is a band that caught my attention because of their spontaneousness way of playing. Straight to the bone Hard Rock / Heavy Metal music with a groovy edge and powerful sound – damn believe I like this CD! 

Some research on the band’s developments afterwards – well, they’ve brought out a DVD entitled ‘Thunderbrew: Home Brewed Bootleg”, also the band spent a lot of time like rolling stones playing live acts everywhere they were asked for. Between the lines – if Thunderbrew one day comes to Belgium, I’ll take place frontrow whatever it takes! During their five years experiences while travelling many roads, so far they’ve shared stages with bands like: Hammerfall, Candlebox, Edguy, Rhino Bucket,…  

But then the time was right to work on a new album – loaded with good ideas and a good musicianship, Thunderbrew went on to the recording studios finishing a list of brand new works. The final result became an independent album that kicks damn hard like a hammer right up in your face! Line up still intact – Daran, Rick, Daniel and Bob are back with a fantastic new album entitled “Misery” – nine songs on the tracklist, one by one pieces to enjoy and worth to mention… this album is not recommendable for those into modern shit! Thunderbrew sticks to their own sound which is actually a magnificent mixture between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music, even they’re not afraid to bring on some Southern / Stoner influences too. 

The new album has a great production, about the songs – well, people living their lives with eyes open wide definitely saw or experience by themselves, there is a lot of shitty things going on in the world of today. Yeah, I know, there always was and there always will be fucked up facts to detect in the world but we’re living on the edge to me right now. Thunderbrew’s songs on “Misery” take you on a rollercoaster ride straight different facts in life, we all had to deal with some day. Nine songs with a message, tracks written by four brothers who surely know what life is all about. 

About the music, I can immediately recommended all fans of early Black Sabbath, BLS, Steelreign, Texas Hippy Coalition, or Five Horse Johnson to check out Thunderbrew. Daran Amos’ voice still sounds like awesome, ringed with booze / whiskey I suppose – Zakk Wylde is nearby listening to his vocal use. Don’t forget, this guy also plays guitar as it should be – just like his soulmate Rick Land, they’re able to spoil your ears a very heavy way. Groovy riffs with outstanding leads – I just love it! If that ain’t enough – more slicing powers are on the way from both drummer / bassist in charge. You’re warned – Thunderbrew shoot with heavy calibre rifles! 

The title track opens awesome – blasting powers coming your way out, especially the guitar pleasing my ears… damn heavy riffs and finger burning guitar solo’s allows me to say… killer song! ‘Fountain Of Youth’ starts to play and I'm feeling good right on. Groovy to the bone, lower tempo and a singer that matched completely with a sound like this. I also focus myself on the lyrical contents because they speak not in riddles – these are straight from the heart written works, that’s clear to me. Check ‘Sister Holy’, ‘Revolutions’, ‘Blood-Stained Fist’ or ‘Mr. Greed’… listen closely and let your mind do the talking (if you know what I mean). ‘Ashes To Ashes’ is my favourite song – killer up tempo rhythms with awesome guitar solo’s… stunning! 

To make up my final decision about Thunderbrew’s new effort, the only thing I can say is that this is a very good and enjoyable CD… all my expectation are exceeded! Full respect from the heart for all at Thunderbrew – great band with the right attitude and straight vision on the world of today! Stop by and take a look / listen at: /  

MY POINTS: 94 / 100 (Review by Stefan)