Metal To Infinity

I don’t know many bands from Ukraine.. Well, Thunderkraft. Another one? I shouldn’t really know.  I know that Ukraine is a former state of the Soviet Republic but Metal bands from out there? No… I can’t tell a lot of things about this country. About Thunderkraft I can say they released “The banner of victory” before, an album that deserved good press reviews. 

Thunderkraft is a very special band and their style is mentioned as Death Folk Metal. Well, they’re not the first and last band who will play this style but listening to this one I can only say there’s much more. Okay, I hear Folk and of course there’s Death Metal but Thundercraft is on this release very experimental. Nevertheless they don’t exaggerate and the red line in each track is clear. A bit industrial, some Black, some Death… Great stuff if you would ask me. The lyrics are Russian, Ukrainian and German which enforces the special effect from the band. 

On “Totentanz” the band reminds me to Rammstein but I also hear fast fingered guitar solos on it, something I have never heard from that German mainstream band! “Death won’t separate us” is on the other hand a slower track – a bit Doom but full of emotions and with outstanding leads in it! Wow, this band really contains fantastic musicians who know how to write superb tracks! What’s even more is that they can perform even better! The rhythm changes in each song are very good balanced and the folkloric and industrial ingredients are well chosen, again without any exaggeration. Once more I bow my head deep for Master Alafern, who’s next to singer and violist, the extraordinary guitar player on this one! 

The way the electronic -  call it - industrial effects are weaved into the music are also bizarre yet grotesque. They give this CD that special – sometimes a bit ambient – effect and in my opinion this makes the difference between a good album and a masterpiece! And so this album is full of surprises that supports track by track! Form, structure, focus and melody are very good balanced and Thunderkraft easily takes the listener by the throat. It’s impossible to ignore the dark beauty of this release! This record is full of original ideas and it’s clear a very intelligent song-writer, a man with a vision, is behind this band. It’s rather impossible to compare Thunderkraft but what I do know is that those ambient parts (“Towards A New Dawn”) really impresses me! This asks, no this demands for much more and I am already thrilled about the news a third album is on its way!  

The word “Metal” fits this band perfectly and for some reason I am convinced these members are above fans of traditional Heavy Metal bands. This creative formation should maintain lots of attention in the world wide Metal scène! I suppose the sky is their limit and to be honest this is one of the best modern Metal bands I’ve heard in years! Superb release! 

My Points: 95 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)