Metal To Infinity

After the independent release of their debut album, the band Thy Final Pain managed to get a record deal with the German label STF Records.  This brutal and massive rhythmic Death Metal monster has created another highlight in their, so far, short career. Their debut album ‘Epitaph’ (2008) was released one year after the bands formation. Since may 2009, the critically acclaimed follow up album is available, and leaves no one spared behind. This is a slab in the face with 11 songs that evokes the early days of Bolt Thrower but with a more Death Metal approach.  

Thy Final Pain isn’t just a rookie that walks in and tries to earn respect from those that are into the more heavy material. Two out of four members earned already their ranks in the band Debauchery that gave me already pleasant times in the past. Simon Dorn (guitars and throat) and Marc Jüttner (bass and throat) teamed up after their Debauchery period and raised Thy Final Pain.  I guess that the ultimate goal was to deliver even more brutal metal with a lot of groove and catchy riffs, which includes technical skills.  Inspired by the early roots of Death Metal transferred to the present.  

The opener of the album is called ‘Hate Anthem’ and you get a very good idea of what’s to come.  The songs are all heavy and breathtaking, the vocals are just perfect with the musical style of the band and although it’s death metal, some passages are understandable, and that’s what I personally like.  Please pay some attention to the drumming parts as well, as Lukas Nicol is a real skinbasher that succeeds in a massive foundation. The guitars are present in every song and the riffs are fatal and lethal!  Sascha Weber and Simon Dorn bring the arrangements to a high level and it’s cool to notice that variety is standard on this album.

I must conclude that Thy Final Pain is a band that we have to deal with in the nearby future. These four guys know how a good song is written and there are no fillers on ‘…Of Life And Death’.   

One of my favorite tracks is #3 ‘When Angels Die’ (as it has the perfect mix in heaviness and melody), #5 ‘Bloodsaturated Perpetuity’ (needs a few spins to get really into the song, and that’s always a bonus), #7 ‘A Bullet For Reincarnation’ (what a cool intro and a perfect timing to start a killer riff ).  This is brutal, and that’s exactly what we expected!  I believe that the band is doing a lot of gigs in the Southern  part of Germany, so it would be really cool to see them on a Belgian stage as well! I’m sure that a lot of people will be surprised about the capability of this German act!   

My rating: 88 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)