Metal To Infinity

I was fortuned to see this band on stage! At the best edition of Keep It True until now, the tenth anniversary edition, Titan Force was programmed as one of the headliners and believe me it was an unforgettable gig. I even had the chance talking with Harry Conklin before the show and he promised me a new album will be written, as far as I know he even said it would be released in 2009. Well, it didn’t happen but on their myspac.com page it is still announced. The most important is that the band is still active because in my opinion Titan Force is one of the best US Metal bands ever! 

A few days ago I was listening to “Chase your dreams” on my i-pod and it was a reason to take this debut album once more out of my collection, this time to write a review about it. For many years I worship this release and time after time it gives me cold shivers, some kind of feelings I rarely have while listening to a Metal album. It is the strength of Titan Force, nothing more, nothing less! “Chase your dreams” is such a fantastic song and Harry Conklin proved he belongs amongst the best ten Metal singers on earth. Oh yes, I can easily mention him between a Bruce Dickinson, Dio or Rob Halford. It’s not because he isn’t as famous he doesn’t fit in that row! Going back to the opening track; those riffs are outstanding, aren’t they? And those bass guitars are just fantastic, leaving me behind with eyes wide shut! Man, how beautiful Heavy Metal can be… Add the clear and high pitched voice of Harry Conklin, his high screams and I bow my head deep for a perfect Heavy Metal song!  

It are this kind of songs Metal haters or people who are ignorant about Heavy Metal need to hear! Give them a microphone, a guitar or a drum and ask them to cover the song, play it along… I’m sure they wouldn’t even dare trying it. Well, that’s less important anyway and I feel so proud belonging amongst “the chosen few” who discovered this release so many years ago! 

The album continues and it’s far too difficult to point out what the best song on this release is. “Master of disguise”, ”Lord Desire” (what a brilliant solo!), “Toll Of Pain”, “Fool On The Run” and all others… No, Tell me, how will I ever be able make a choice? Titan Force is Progressive, delivers Power and adds so much emotions into their music. Metal God Harry Conklin is of course for a big part responsible for it but if you listen to these solos… Exceptional! Marvelous! Dazzling and even superior! The song writing is so qualitative that the listener is under its spell from the very first second, singing along, playing imaginary guitars or drums… The arrangements are varied, choruses and refrains extraordinary, performances first class! 

I’m quite sure Titan Force was a bit too late by this release. Queensryche and Fates Warning already enlightened the path for first class Progressive Metal bands. This release, dated 1989, saw the light of day when there was too much to discover in the Metal scène, Heavy Metal was at its top at the end of the eighties. It made Titan Force for a part invisible between all kind of first class bands in different subgenres. Titan Force released “Winner / Loser” after this one, we’re going back to 1991. Did you ever notice it was in a period of inactivity of Jag Panzer? Furthermore there wasn’t much to tell about them because they disbanded in the period True Metal was as good as dead, suffering the false strategy of the big  music industry who wasn’t interesting in good Heavy Metal. In that era it seems everybody who took a guitar to become another Nirvana clone, received the support of the Music business. The quality of music wasn’t a point of interest anymore… True Heavy Metal suffered hard times and also Titan Force disappeared without any fair chances. It didn’t stop them releasing two masterpieces, two essential albums, two gems that deserves a place in every collection of a True Metal Head, even an important note in the history of Heavy Metal! 

This band is obliged to deliver us more because their music is so addictive! Okay, I can’t wait for a new Jag Panzer album too but if I had the choice I would sign to lay my hand on a new Titan Force first. I hear some people think if these albums are still available… Yes they are and there are even re-releases you should try to purchase because they contain great bonus tracks. 

Titan Force might be by name not the biggest or most important US Metal band but musical wise it is pretty hard to find any better. Fans of Jag Panzer, (old) Queensryche, Lethal, Oliver Magnum etc. are obliged to try and find these masterpieces. I’m sure you won’t regret it for a second! Their website is http://www.myspace.com/titanforce1 

My Points: 100 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)