Metal To Infinity

Well, I honestly don’t know exactly how to start my review for To Mera’s “Earthbound”. It’s my first touch with the band, while digging into their history so far I can tell Estonia based To-Mera released two albums “Transcendental” (2006) and “Delusions” (2008). As I read on reviews posted on the internet, these were excellent outputs so I start listening to their newest EP “Earthbound” right away to give you all my own vision on the band’s way of acting. 

They have a female singer named Julie Kiss in their ranks and for some personal reason, after hearing only a few songs using a voice like this – sorry but I’d rather pack my bags and go. It’s not that Julie has a bad vocal use but this is so typical for many bands – in other terms, I hear this type of singing so many times before… impossible for me to keep my attention / interest up high. First band linger on in my head to compare is The Gathering but have to admit that Anneke from this Holland Atmospheric Metal band has a lot of more talent within her might. I’ve not a problem with female fronted Metal bands, no way but there are other front women that pleases me so much more… I think immediately on legendary Ann Boleyn (ex-Hellion and now with US Thrash Metal band Détente), Dawn Crosby (ex-Détente), Lita Ford, Debbie Gunn (Sentinel Beast), Lana Lane and the almighty Lee Aaron to name but only a few.  

“Earthbound” from To-Mera counts 4 songs with a psychedelic / atmospheric feel served with progressive elements. The songs sometimes give me a strange feeling but that’s a trademark of this genre I guess. To complicated music to me – maybe my age has something to do with that but I don’t care. Born to like my Hard Rock / Heavy Metal music old school mainly… even a band like To-Mera shared the stage in the past with great bands like Dream Theater and Fates Warning, I'm afraid to say that this is not good enough for my Heavy Metal ears!  

I hear 4 songs from a well skilled band and a real good production so to all nowadays progressive Rock / Metal fanatics who likes to go more sophisticated… start find your own way straight to the following pages:  /  

My Points: 50 / 100 (Review by Stefan)