Metal To Infinity

A Few years ago, two men from Norway (Trond Nicolaisen and Andreas Stanseth) wanted to do something for the Metal scene and decided to establish their own project. To make this dream come true, both guys went against it with much enthusiasm, the project name would be Tomorrow’s Outlook. Trond would not join the ranks as musician but as manager and co-songwriter – Andreas became the bassist in the band and worth to mention, he’s actually the main songwriter as well. A first serious experience for these guys but as I said before, they are absolutely passionate by the forces of Metal and loaded with tons of good ideas to let the deal be done in hope to succeed. 

At that time, TO only consisted of a bass player so the hunt for other musicians was a real priority. As time passed by, Oystein Kvile Hanssen joined forces as full member / lead guitarist. While checking out the complete musicians’ list I noticed a few excellent drummers Mike Haid and Charlie Zeleny) as for the axemen and singers... well, I see some names of absolutely great and world famous musicians like ex-Helloween / Avantasia, Unisound Michael Kiske, Graham Bonnet (ex-Rainbow / MSG / Impellitteri / Alcatrazz), Scott Oliva (ex-Wind Wraith), Norman ‘SKI’ Kiersnowski (ex Deadly Blessing / Faith Factor). One by one frontmen with a worldwide, legendary reputation but there is one more named Mike Gorham who offers his awesome singing skills to the band also. Top notch guitar magician Michael Harris plays explosive, pure technical shred guitar tactics on most of the tracks so you’re warned. But, it need to be said better be prepared for Sami Saarinen’s guitar tactics as well! If you ask me, this is a very strong occupancy anyway! 

Tomorrow’s Outlook’s debut album “34613” was recorded by the hand of multiple engineers, all worked out in Norway, Finland, Germany and the US. It has taken almost four years to complete everything together as Trond and Andreas planned. Actually recorded in a song-by-song situation, the album delivers nothing but quality. Available as digi-pack, the total packaging including a lot of information about the making of, lyrics, pictures, cover artwork.. you won’t hear me complain at all you know! Really good production was in hands of both guys Trond, Andreas and the rest of the TO crew… thumbs up for such a great result and than I have not even talked about the music itself… 

Thirteen tracks are waiting for all those into Heavy Metal music – according to me, “34613” is the perfect suite for hungry US Classic Metal maniacs who like their stuff pretty technical, melodious and not afraid of swallowing high pitched vocals! All ingredients I’m totally into  for decades so for me, this is a fantastic output able to fulfil all my Heavy Metal desires. Michael Harris let speak its guitar in a generous manner on ‘As darkness Falls’ (intro), the great and ex-Wind Wraith singer Scott Oliva delivers an outstanding job (along with other vocalist M. Gorham) in a fantastic way. This time it’s Mr. Saarinen who’s in for a lethal dose of excellent guitar tactics. Fans of legendary singer Graham Bonnet better skip forward to ‘Glass Mountain’ which is another beautiful work reminiscent to the good old days of Hard Rock and Metal music of Alcatrazz / Impellitteri fame! There are two versions of a song called ‘The Ethereal Dream’, a first one features the incredible voice of Mike Gorham and Michael Harris on guitars – a second and reprisal version was sung by Michael Kiske which proves he is still a very good and professional vocalist. On ‘The Ethereal Dream (Reprise)’ you will hear Kiske using his throat in a very nice and easy mode… it’s more a Rock than Metal song but no problem to me, darn good song anyway!  

Singer Mike Gorham surprises me all the time, each and every track he sings on is quite amazing to me. For example, ‘Song For You’ offers not full power arrangements but listen carefully to this guy’s wide vocal range… just awesome! This one might be a bit to calm for some of you – in that case, you should wait until you hear next song called ‘Doubt’, again with the great vocals offerings of Mr. Gorham! Fans of instrumental compositions, the title track is yours, better believe me. And than brothers and sisters, my moments of pure pleasure are coming. Four songs featuring the one and only Ski on vocals means the world to me, and it’s true!  In times Ski was in US Classic Metal band Deadly Blessing he really stole my heart with his extraordinary form of high pitched vocals, damn right “Ascend From The Cauldron” is one of my all time favourite albums. After Deadly Blessing he joined another act named Faith Factor and again, I was completely overwhelmed. Now the man is involved with Tomorrow’s Outlook and I’m real pleased to hear this God of Christian Metal back delivering incredible vocal parts which cut through flesh and bone. No further comments: just listen to ‘White Lightning’, ‘Liquid Scream’, ‘Kill Again’ and ‘March Of The Demons’ and be a witness of US Styled Classic Heavy Metal! 

Graham Bonnet treats us again with another good one, this time a cover song from Lizzy Borden entitled ‘Red Rum’. The track is taken from the upcoming “Baptized In Blood – A Tribute To Lizzy Borden” album that probably will see daylight on a date unknown so far. Supposed to be unleashed through Metallic Archangel Records, I’ll keep my eyes open wide to this release.  

Well, I have told everything I had to tell about this first album from Tomorrow’s Outlook album and like to underline the fact that I’m really pleased with an album like “34613”. Top notch production and nothing but skilled to the teeth musicians to detect, without beating around the bush – fans of Helloween (Kiske-era), Deadly Blessing, Sacred Warrior, Bloodgood, Queensryche, Crimson Glory, Lethal, Bride, Riot, Impelliterri, …. are almost obliged to purchase this product. See for yourself at:  or . “34614” definitely get a well deserved, high place in my personal CD top list of 2012! 

My Points: 94 / 100 (Review by Stefan)