Metal To Infinity

I just hate it when I need to find out what the band name and what the album title is. It took some work to find out what was all about this, finding out this is some kind of Alternative Rock band. What a terrible name for a band but at least they stay far away from the clichés… I really can’t figure out why these guys are added to the Heavy Metal scène and this record was send for review, it’s not because you use some electric guitars with a distortion sound you have the right being part of our movement. Also the band pictures show this is some kind of alternative rocking band from which the popular Metal media are doing all they can to add them to the Metal community, I am wondering why… Let Metal be Metal; after all nobody likes us...but we don’t care! 

Nevertheless I find out that this band takes off with some great instrumental song. Listening to the whole album I find out this is a complete instrumental album with after all good Rocking music but in our Metal scène we’re used to at least spectacular guitar solos, none are present here. Instead I hear some guys who play some rather melancholic music, often foreseen with pretty ambient elements in the background. Musical wise this sounds good but for an entire CD there’s too less excitement for me… The music is varied, without being Progressive. Tomydeepestego plays groovy, sound modern and might be an adventure for people who adore instrumental CD’s. 

Not exactly my cup of tea although I admit these guys are skilled and know how to write and perform a song, which explains the high rate.  

My Points: 77 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)