Metal To Infinity

This is actually a moment where I was waited for such a long time - the return of Swedish Classic Heavy Metal legends Torch! I'll stick my hands into a burning flame and surely dare to mention that each and every 80s Metal maniac knows for sure who Torch really are. Call yourself an eighties Metal fanatic by asking: ''who the hell are these guysactaully?'' Well that should be a damn 'wrong' question to me. Check it out: Torch was one of those leading HM outfits ruled the old school Metal movement for sure to me! Even they've recorded only one superb  EP ''Fire Raiser'' (Mausoleum Records 1982) and two LP's entitled ''Torch'' (1983)  and "Elektrikiss'' (1984) - all the songs on it so were so damn valuable, basically Heavy Metal pure the way it should be.    

Characterising for Torch was the fact they had excellent musicians in their ranks, most ear catching members in the ranks was for sure, Dan Dark (vocalist). He always had a unique style of singing, sort of raw boosted aggressive elements deep within his throat stole my attention mainly - I always need to say that the rest of the guys back then were not only regular musicians, they were excellent players in a Metal magic game! But all ends up pretty bad for the band, nevertheless big successes they've booked, they called it quits in 1985 for a reason I honestly never knew. Fact is that most of the guys played in other bands afterwards...    as for Dan's situation those days... he joined a cover act!  

20 years after they broke up, frontman Dan Dark planned reunion shows but the other, original members won't jump on the wagon to realize his plan. Brave Heavy Metal soldier as Dan always was before, he won't take no for an answer and went on, on the hunt for some other guys to team up with. He searched AND found what he was looking for... bassist Alx Jonsson (Fatal Smile), drummer Kristian Huotari (Scaar) and guitar player Tomi Peltonen from the band Griffen reached mighty Dan an helping hand and started to rehearse shortly after. Great musicians with a good looking musical background - Torch is back on the rails... be sure, this time will be the right time!

A few years ago, Torch played at the prestigious, one of the greatest festivals in Europe named Keep It True in Germany. I wasn't present when Torch climbed the stage but friends of mine who were there told me the show was explosive and wild. Fist pounding Heavy Metal maniacs shouted out their passion for Torch's classic songs - as i've heard, it was boiling hot in the pit that day!    

But the moment is on - the new Torch new album (which is a release from legendary Mausoleum Records) is finally ready to unleash.... entitled ''Dark Sinner'', it's a silver disc with the value of a glittering diamond. Considered as a brand new album, in fact the entire album consists all re-recorded versions of songs taken from their masterpieces so called real HM classics. Besides two 'previously unreleased' tracks - you'll be the witness of 13 re-recorded songs taken from their legendary EP / LP's.    

The song list of ''Dark Sinner'' brings back the good old memories and I'm feeling very well with that. Actually all brilliant classic ones to me - they only added the best of the best to this album. Refresh your memories and think back on masterworks like: 'Warlock', 'Beyond The Threshold Of Pain', 'Fire Raiser', 'Watcher Of The Night', 'Battle Axe', 'Elektrikiss', 'Sinister Eyes' and 'Beauty And The Beast' and more of course!    I've asking myself the question why they didn't re-work 'Mercenary' which is definitely one of my favourite Torch songs for sure... 

I've never heard the title track before so I assume this as a brand new song for myself that burns from deep within. Also 'We Will Fight' belongs to the category of 'unknown tracks' and again, this one is a great Heavy Metal piece offering awesome headbanging rhythms... I'm already longing for Torch's next effort. Heavy Metal veteran / singer Dan Dark still in very good condition so I guess they're ready for the future which actually looks very well so far...

They will embark on a European tour and played at Sweden Rock fest 2009 a while ago too - thousands and thousands Metal defenders present in full gear awaiting to scream and shout to the sound of legendary Torch. I'm satisfied to see singer Dan Dark never lost his faith in True Metal - now he's proudly back with a new line up to please True Heavy Metals to the extreme making new Torch material to let out in the near future... watch out very closefully! Check out Torch at: / order possibilities via 

MY POINTS: 95 / 100 (Review by Stefan)