Metal To Infinity

Torian welcomes us all from Paderborn (Germany) since day one of existence - more specifically - a dozen years ago. First there was a three song demo “Into The Winter” (2003),  two years later on Torian saw that the time was ripe to releases their debut album “Dreams Under Ice” through Italian label Underground Symphony Records. All those familiar with this record company know that Power Metal reigns supreme from within and – in the case of Torian a very good start to collaborate with USR. It hasn’t missed its effect on the music of the band – their way of Power Metal was tasted by the European Metal community.  

Good start so far for Torian and more was well underway to realize… second full length output “Thunder Times” did emerge through Sound Guerilla / DA Music, an independent label which I’m not familiar with. I never heard the album before but darn good feedback came in from International webzines so I take that this album was a hit. And the remainder of Torian goes on in the right position – a third album entitled “Dawn” will see the light of day pretty soon, again via German independent company Sound Guarilla. I have read that Torian shared many stages acting live at the side of Metal legions like: Helstar, Vicious Rumours, Overkill among other … I’m totally unfamiliar with these guys’ way of Metal so time to check out what they have to offer. 

After hearing the entire new album “Dawn”, I have to admit that That Torian is able to deliver good songs with catchy melodic lines and clean vocals, all played in a variety of characters. They do not hesitate to pull up the speed and when it’s happened, you can not resist to start band your head. They also have some dark, epic or even melancholic passages in promotion. If you throw all Torion’s musical diversities together you end up with a rather interesting album actually made for those into nowadays melodic Power and Speed Metal. I hear similarities with the new era of Kreator, Bullet For My Valentine, Blind Guardian, Dragonforce, old Metallica or even slices from Manowar.  

“Dawn’, the new album from Torian is a good one, a work that’ll please the ones hooked on Metal as we have heard often the last few years. I can’t speak of a highlight because I wasn’t astonished – just good created songs, unfortunately a bit predictable as well. Fans of nowadays Power / Speed Metal seasoned with a dark, epic and melancholic undertone better stop by at Torian’s homepage at:  

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by Stefan)