Metal To Infinity

Iron Shield Records searches for worldwide qualitative Thrash Metal bands. That’s good, that’s even awesome! Good Metal knows no boundaries so why should a label force themselves into one specific scène? Once more I bow my head deep for this label, not only because they’re able to find the quality in the underground scène, another reason is that this label still knows how to spoil reviewers! A full CD, no promo in a slipcase, no downloads…

Next in row is Tormentor, a German band. I suppose Germany doesn’t have that many secrets anymore when we talk about Metal. Since ages it plays and deserves its leading role but the scène is so big that there must be undiscovered talent over there. Is Tormentor that kind of talent? Be sure of it! The intro is devastating and the band gets all of my attention! What follows is pure Thrash in vein of the good old Kreator and “Black Area” is the perfect example of it. Kreator has its own history and the band was on the front row since their debut. Nevertheless they weren’t always able to convince every fan but albums like “Extreme aggression” belongs to the classic ones in history of Metal.

Tormentor is at least highly influenced by this masterpiece and the older albums. It makes it pretty easy to me to describe what Tormentor is really all about. The fact the band covers the Kreator song “Tormentor” (“Endless Pain” album) proves me right… I suppose the kind of vocals Max Seipke produces has a lot to do with it. But as all Thrash Metal bands more influencing forces made part of them and it’s rather impossible to be innovating in this style nowadays. At least we can say that Tormentor is ‘old school’…

With tracks like “Call For Sanity”, “Speaks Your Testament”, “Suicide Commander” and the title track Tormentor takes the listener by its throat. Tormentor plays the varied kind of Thrash although high tempo rhythms and sharp riffs are the red lines. Is Tormentor able to play a leading role? No, not at all but as most new released Thrash Metal acts they deliver an enjoying album. Tormentor is aggressive, is hostile, is uncompromising! On “Speaks Your Testament” the intro, played on acoustic guitars, makes me long for more. It proves some good musicians are around here. This track contains overwhelming double bass drums and the fast, technical played sharp riffs are the kind I’d like to hear. This is what we call pure Thrash, convinces me that in the Eighties Tormentor would have been a success formula.

This debut album of Tormentor is at least promising for the future. I suppose these guys realize that the Metal scène is saturated nowadays but in their typical style I suppose they can be successful. I still know a lot of Metal heads who adore the German kind of Thrash Metal. Kreator has always been around and when they should make plans to retire Tormentor will be there! Check them out at:

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by officer Nice)