Metal To Infinity

Announced as a Glam / Hard Rock band from Slovenia I am curious to hear this promo. Not that I am the wildest fan of this kind of music but in the eighties there were several bands I easily adored. Talking about for example White Lion, Dokken, Whitesnake and Guns ‘n Roses at some of their albums in that era. No, I wasn’t that fond of Ratt, Poison and Motley Crue because they were too ‘gay’ for me (as a Thrasher) and besides this fact their music wasn’t always that good, at some points it was even boring to me. Nevertheless there was a major fan base for this kind of bands, especially in the US. 

Although AOR is softer than Glam Rock/Metal I have always liked that kind of FM Rock. In this case I mean bands like Foreigner, Prophet, Survivor, Phenomena,… I consider this category of music as being part of the entire – wide based – Heavy Metal family bit that’s a personal meaning. 

Toxik Heart plays music, totally in vein of the previous bands and they did their best to be look-a-likes of the Glam band members as well. Well, that’s as a matter of fact up to them and although I care less, now I’m older, I still don’t like those ridiculous pictures. Talking about the music on this CD I have to admit there’s a lot of talent in Toxic Heart. The songs are very well written, there’s a good melodic line in every track and the guitars are good. Also the vocals are first class, clean and strung, fitting this kind of music perfectly! 

Songs like “Love Is For Fools”, “Ride Your Life” (a fantastic track with plenty of AOR influences) and “One Night Stand” are very ‘easy on the ear’ and will easily be picked up by fans of this kind of music. I have the feeling, next to Thrash Metal, there’s also a revival of the Glam Metal scène nowadays. Eighties music in general are anyway popular again so we can’t blame these guys to deliver this album. At the opposite we need to support great bands, like Toxic Heart is.  

I can’t say Toxik Heart is in every particular track my cup of tea but in its genre this is more than a decent release. Especially the AOR influenced tracks are fantastic, in my opinion this might be the right direction for Toxik Heart! The band is still unsigned so labels shouldn’t doubt to take a listen. Check:  

My Points: 79 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)