Metal To Infinity

I wrote another review about Phil Vincent, a positive one. Another release he’s making part of is this Tragik album. I admit, after hearing the latest solo album of this man I had high expectations about this one. The front cover looks promising but I wasn’t sure about the music I would hear on this release. 

After a nice intro the album takes off with “Jaded”, which is a good Hard Rocking song. It’s from the very beginning very obvious this is Phil Vincent’s favorite style. His vocals fit the music perfectly, although I’m not overwhelmed by the song writing of this first track. Yes, it’ s a good song and the band tries to get atmosphere in it but I’m not blown away. That changes with “Can’t Find The Words” which is a fantastic AOR track. I dare to say Phil Vincent is even stronger in this ‘sweeter’ kind of Heavy Rock. This is the kind of vocals I adore in this genre and the musical performances are brilliant. 

Tragik combines AOR and melodic Hard Rock very good. No doubt in my mind when I consider the skills of these musicians; listening to them is highly recommended! The song writing is strong and it’s a pity this music is only meant for the chosen few who know the band. I’m so sure that people who adore bands like MSG (only talking about the Mc Auley era), the better Dokken albums, Foreigner, Prophet etc. will like Tragik. 

I don’t know why these guys have chosen such a dark sounding band name and album title. The music isn’t at all dark, yet it is emotional and played with the right musical feelings. It proves how talented these guys really are; after all I consider the gift of putting emotions in good written songs as some kind of art! The guitars are first class and the production is perfect for this kind of music. “Giving in” is another fantastic track, the kind of songs that gives me the ideal reason listening to this formation. “Before It’s Gone” and “Long Way From Home” and the heavier “Nothing” are other songs that give me positive cold shivers. 

“And We All Turn To Dust” is full of brilliant performances although not every song takes me by the throat. The tracks that touch my soul are so strong I don’t want to stop listening to them. Some songs are able to be successful in plenty of charts. At least I hope Tragik will continue in the future and even more I hope a good label will pick them up. For some reason I believe in this band. Check them out at or 

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)