Metal To Infinity

Transnight is heading from Germany and we all know how popular metal really is over there. Not do they have the greatest festivals, there are a lot of worldwide famous bands over there. I suppose no man will ever discuss the fact that this land might be considered as one of the most important Metal countries. Uncountable bands are active over here and some of them, not specific the most famous ones, are really fantastic. Under the surface there are bands that never broke through but released gems anyway. Lanfear, Mekong Delta, Superior… to name a few. Agree?

No matter how chauvinistic the Germans are; they are mostly big fans of the US Metal movement and it makes me believe that American bands have hardly secrets for the Germans. I know lots of German bands who are indeed influenced by the US Metal movement and Transnight fits that row perfectly. This band is Progressive, contains traditional influences of NWOBHM and American Eighties Metal. More than once pretty thrashy riffs can be heard and Transnight plays as a matter of fact the US style of Power Metal. The piece of information that singer Dave has a voice with a similar sound as Mark Shelton (Manilla Road), makes my thoughts even stronger. Nevertheless also musical wise this band reminds me to the more obscure kind of US Heavy/Power Metal. Great songs to take a listen to are “The System”, “False Prophets”, “Ghost Story” and “Lose Your Time.

And so, to me, this is a very pleasant album to listen to. Not that “The Dark Half” blew me away but this is a very enjoyable CD if you’re into traditional Metal. The arrangements are technical enough to hear some gifted musicians are present here and the song writing is pretty good. Ten good structured tracks can be witnessed here, in a darker atmosphere than we’re used to if we talk German Metal. That might be the reason I suppose Transnight will forever be an underground band although I expect them sooner or later on one of those True Metal Festivals Germany is known for. More info at or

My Points: 78 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)