Metal To Infinity

For those never heard of Twisted Tower Dire – they’re from Virginia USA and since the early nineties, these guys give the best of themselves with the release of decent Heavy Metal efforts. This new one “Make It Dark” is album number 5 and before writing down my thoughts on it I want to mention a tribute to former singer Tony Taylor… a great and very respectful vocalist passed away last year by a tragic accident. Tony gave TTS a special character with his excellent, typical US Metal way of singing – he brought on the very best delivering high pitched vocals…. Certainly a loss to the US Metal world! 

It’s never easy to replace a very good singer but the band searched on and on – finally they found what they were looking for by the name of Johnny Aune. Can we speak of a full replacement? I’d like to say yes! The new TTD front man  sings superbly and to me very welcome in a band like this. I can hear a lot of devotion – with great ease he takes the highest notes of his voice… make notice of the fact Twisted Tower Dire’s new singer knows how to charm me as soon as he starts to use his thoat! 

The total package of “Make It Dark” looks amazingly good – full coloured, great looking artwork, booklet including lyrics,… professional lay out all the way out! Regarding the production of this album, I can reasonably happy so let bring on the explanation on the songs. Well, you may expect a total of eight tracks spread over a playing time of about 36 minutes. Last I have heard some of their previous albums – trademark of TTD always been Classic Heavy Metal and there is really no difference to note when listening to their new disc. Unlike their older CDs I noticed some minor nowadays Euro Power Metal influences which is not an harmful thing – as long as they do not overdo this, there is nothing wrong and no reason to complain (as I may speak for my self).  

The guitars sound again breathtaking – twin guitar duels in charge to offer wonderfully beautiful melodic tactics. Galloping up and down the fretboard in style – think on guitar duels used to know from legendary Maiden, Tokyo Blade or Priest. Longing for sharpened steel melodic motions to the extreme – Twisted Tower Dire won’t let you down! 

Classic Metal maniacs definitely have to check out songs like ‘Snow Leppard’, ‘Make It Dark’ (I really like this one due to the most 80s inspired character of all), another fantastic shot is ‘White Shadow’ and also one to stick to your mind is clincher ‘Beyond The Gate’ which is a long distance runner of 8 minutes. To keep a long song fascinating from start to end asks for a lot of talented skills and musical insight – be sure, the whole TTD gang appears here to have no problem at all with. 

Along with an album like “Make It Dark”, Twisted Tower Dire delivers a brilliant achievement – an output which undoubtedly can and should be purchased by Classic Metal fans mainly, at the other hand I’d like to recommend this product  to each and every defender of contemporary, melodic Metal as well. Fans of 80s acts like Witch Cross, Riot, Kill D’Kor, Deaf Dealer, Pharaoh, Powermad better stop by at:  more info on the label’s activities HERE.  

My Points: 87 / 100 (Review by Stefan)