Metal To Infinity

This band rises out of the ashes of Dark Mirror, as Alonso and Tim Cummings had left the band to found Unity. A good reflection of their personal relationship! The line up was completed with Yasko on guitars and Adam Amdor (ex-Divide Zero) on bass. This all happened around November 2010 in the state Iowa (USA), and we are already holding the debut album in our hands. The four members of Unity started to create an own style of metal which can be described as American powerful metal with raw influence and last but not least an European approach. A kind of ‘Unity’ between different bands, backgrounds and ideas.  

It didn’t took long to get a deal with Killer Metal Records and this resulted in a tight cooperation to bring out the best of the best and record the newly written songs in a professional studio. Mastering and mixing of this first output was handled by Jeremy Hall at Raven’s Head Studios and the recordings took place between winter 2010 and spring 2011.  

‘Reborn’ is a suitable album title as it covers many issues concerning this band. The front cover artwork isn’t directly an artistic masterpiece, but the main focus is the music of course.  We get 10 tracks, including an intro and the musical skills of the musicians are present from the start!  That’s exactly how we like it!  Hot and Heavy! After the ‘Prelude To Rebirth’ we switch gear with 'The Curse Of The Nile’, followed by ‘The Mirror Never Lies’. When the vocals of Alonso ‘Zo’ Donoso reach the higher regions, he’s very close to a few false notes, which gives me the impression that he wants to achieve more than is possible. Listen to the chorus lines in ‘Condemned’ at for example 4:22 to 4:30… Is it because the music and lyrics don’t really fit to each other, or is only because of the limited opportunities of ‘Zo’?   

Track 5 ‘A New Horizon’ starts very calm with some acoustic guitar play, and during this ballad part, the vocal limitations are largely eliminated. When the song switches into a higher gear, we encounter the same problems again, and that are mainly the limitations of Unity. One of the highlights of ‘Reborn’ is track 6 ‘Welcome To The Masquerade’ because in this track, the vocals fits perfect with the musical arrangement. I checked if there was a difference between members who cooperated in the writing process, but it seems like Yasko Kajtazovic (guitars) is the main writer of the band.   

Anyway this debut isn’t bad at all; it contains heavy melodic songs and strong riffs, and above all, enough variety to take the trip of 45 minutes. I hope that the members of Unity will work even more consistent and accurate on the follow album, so the beginner’s mistakes will hopefully be eliminated… 

My rating: 77 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)