Metal To Infinity

Unsouled originated in 2001 in the area of Madrid (Spain), and formerly they were called Krioya. After a few years, they changed their name into Unsouled, which fits better to the music that they bring.  If you talk about Spanish Metal, you will agree that most of the bands play into the Heavy Metal  direction. Unsouled is totally diverse as they bring Thrash Metal, and what they do is really great!  It would be incomplete to define the style as simple thrash as there is more to offer. They combine the thrash metal elements with a slight progressive touch and pay a lot of attention in the structure of the songs including great solos all over!  

After the recording of a first demo (Shapes from the unconscious) in 2004, they had a lot of persons that came in and went out, but as far as I know the line up is stable since a few years.

They spend most of the time in the rehearsal room, and focused on writing songs to lift the band to a higher position. In the year 2006, they won the Coslada’s national bands contest, and the weird thing is that the other competitors were into every genre, so there was also pop, disco and other shit around. Great that the thrashers ruled all over and won the first price, followed with national respect! 

A next chapter was taken by recording an album in 2009, and this debut was called ‘Start Over’.  The front cover artwork isn’t really inviting, but once you play the silver disc, you will be surprised about the quality of this youngsters!  ‘Start Over’ is filled with classy thrash metal songs and the vocals are close to James Hetfield’ throat once and a while, and in some tracks I had Peavy of Rage in my mind. Tracks like ‘Fire In The Wormhole’ cannot be missed, but to be honest, every song has its own potential, so the best way to explore this debut is by pushing the repeat button and you will have a few hours great metal with a lot of variety!   

‘Start Over’ is released by Molusco Records and I guess that this is a kind of independent release on a label that the band owns. If so, I would advice all labels to keep an eye on this band as they have a lot to offer!  

There is also a live video on the Internet, and one of the songs that I saw was a cover of “Symbolic” (originally by Death – Chuck R.I.P.). This is worth to mention to show that Unsouled is more than just Thrash Metal. They succeed to bring a song of one of the greatest metal bands on earth!  Respect dudes! 

I will keep my eyes and ears wide open to see how this band is making progress, and I hope that their next album will be released on a higher scale by a record label that has the abilities to bring this band all over Europe and beyond! http://www.myspace.com/unsouled

My Rating: 90 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)