Metal To Infinity

What I know about Colombia? I know that they had a very crazy goalie so many years ago, Huigita and I know this country is famous for their illegal drugs but if we talk metal? I need to think… I have a CD from Legend Maker (with Michael Grant from Onward / Cypher Seer and Crescent Shield) and I know they’re Colombian. And Kraken? Aren’t they from this part of South America too? I suppose so. Anyway Colombia is a country where Spanish is the common language so I can expect an album with Spanish lyrics…

Ursus releases with “Fuerza Metal” their third album and indeed the entire album contains Spanish lyrics. Only a few notes are necessary to hear this band is a typical “Spanish” band. Don’t expect technical played songs, this kind of bands chooses straight-forwarded Metal! Ursus can be considered as a Speed / Thrash Metal formation and the tempi are constantly pretty high. If you’re into Speed Metal in vein of Exciter you’ll probably like Ursus.

This record didn’t do that much to me. This has been played plenty of times before but it is “True”, that’s a fact. The vocals of Felix Zamora are raw and fit this kind of music pretty well. Some parts – or should I say choruses (“Larda Vida” for example) - are so typical for this kind of Spanish bands. I’m not the biggest fan, never was and never will. Anyway check http://www.myspace.com/ursusthrash if you need a dose of old fashioned Southern Thrash.

My Points: 65 / 100 (Review by officer Nice)