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A while ago, I was contacted by Josh Mortensen, manager and guitarist of a Denver, Colorado based Power Metal band named Vacant Throne. He visits regularly our homepage because of his passion for US Metal music, Josh told me he’s a pleased man seeing all the American bands Metal To Infinity webzine supported so far. And of course, these kind words of respect have a reciprocal value! Honestly speaking, I was totally unfamiliar with VC before – after hearing their debut album I was thinking to myself, these guys deserve our support by the grace of US Metal in general!

Vacant Throne was formed in 2012 – their goal was to create True Heavy/Power compositions while offering their stuff in a dark, epic and slightly progressive mode. “Fall Of The Feathered King” is Vacant Throne’s debut album… a very tasteful US Metal one to me! Basically a concept effort about the 16th. Century Spanish conquest of the Aztecs.  Released by the band themselves in good conditions, total packaging look dark but real good to me… sound quality not too polished and I’m also pleased with that as well but what about the eight songs which are distributed over a total running time of 50 minutes? Check it out… 

Well, each and every fan of unadulterated True US Heavy/Power Metal better take notice of Vacant Throne’s “Fall Of The Feathered King” – that’s for sure! First of all I’d like to mention that the musical connection between the players feels good. They sound like a full team, in perfect line and harmony. Vocals are good but every now and than, it seems like he goes a little out of line especially while singing both higher and lower notes (the title track and ‘Genocide’ illustrate what I mean). Does it disturbing? Not at all, it’s just a little argument I’d like to let you know. Allow me to say that his throat delivers the goods for at least 80 percent but don’t forget, they were formed only two years ago. Every young band must learn from their mistakes so… when the follow up to this debut comes out, I’m sure we have another story to tell concerning the vocals that definitely will be improved! 

Along with the (so far) average vocals come a nice form of guitar playing – in full force, both axe grinders are able to swing their axes as it should be. Strong and mighty and also the solo’s to sound tremendous. You will hear keyboards but not in a main role, the instrument has been used mainly for the dark passages and I’m glad with. I’m not a 100 percent fan of keyboard moves when it comes to US Power Metal – I just like to hear this great style of music without the use of it, bring it to me pure as can be please! The keyboardist in VC is also one of the guitar players – with which instrument he shows the most skill I don’t have to think twice and I’m sure you know my answer to that. 

What I feel checking out the entire “Fall Of The Feathered King” from Vacant Throne is that there is pure passion for their stuff tangible. This is a strong unit of musicians with a good vision on what pure US Power Metal is all about and I like that with all of my heart. First slap in the face came on with the song ‘The Jaguar Knight’ – power play guitar riffs, well fitted vocals and a dark undertone – mid tempo US Power Metal somewhere in the vein of Ravensthorn. I have to skip to track number 5 entitled ‘Burning Skies’ to have another awesome US Metal rush. I even hear some more high-pitched vocals which make that my blood pressure start to rise of excitement. Damn good guitar solo works and multiple rhythm changes make me feel completely satisfied. The title track starts with a classic Heavy Metal riffs and reminds me for some reason of a French 80s Metal band called Steel Angel. A pure and simple classic Heavy Metal piece, unfortunately not able to blow me away… not even close actually. 

Vacant Throne’s debut album ends with ‘Genocide’ (featuring John Yelland), great song but the vocals can’t fully keep my attention up high. According to my own opinion, he has a good voice but at the moment, not strong enough embarking himself to high, falsetto notes. No vocal problems while using his standard voice (as you will hear in the beginning of the song) and also not a problem at all using a more powerful voice – high pitched vocals is a bridge too far for now but as always, time will heal all problems. He’s driven, passionate by Metal music and I’m sure that his mission to be an accomplished singer will succeed! 

An underground US Heavy/Power band I like to ad to my list of new generation of US steel! A real pleasure for me to meet these guys and will do my very best spreading their word anyhow, no matter what it takes. Some boneheads argue that US Metal sank into nothingness but that type of ridiculous statements leave me completely cold. I know it still lives, maybe stronger than ever before – what about that! Vacant Throne – the ideal outlet for True Metal fans.  Check ‘em out at:   

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Stefan)