Metal To Infinity

Pure Steel Records have a nose for talented bands, that's what they proved in the past, and with their newest release, they try to consolidate their future. The next release on their roster is the band  Valkyrie's Cry from Canada. They seem to have potential in their ranks (listen to shouter Dip Evil !), and the funny thing about this band is their identification with the early 80's!  Valkyrie's Cry consist of four metal maniacs that are eagerly waiting to spread their music loud and proud, with an own twist and compositions in the vein of early Agent Steel! 

The band started in Toronto around 2004 and recorded one demo that had massive interest from the European underground.  The German magazine Heavy Oder Was showed interest, things turned out really well, so here it is: the first album of this metal companion!  

This self-titled album starts with the intro 'Red Dawn', followed by the first real song 'Iron Sword' so I was really anxious to hear the result of the self-proclaimed metal gods of the future. I can be clear and in plain English: this band isn't ready for the next step in their career.  The production is ghastly, sometimes horrifying and the overall sound is bringing about the years of demo stages and an underground feeling, that doesn't really fit in this... poque of time.   

The guitars of Lord Justin Godin might be considered as an exception to the rule, but the band as a whole didn't impress me at all, and that's a pity. 

The main reason isn�t the way of songwriting and composing music, but the sound of 'Valkyrie's Cry' is totally out of date.  It wouldn't be fair to withhold this issue, as it is important for the whole metal scene, and compared with other releases, there is a huge difference.  If the band would re-enter a studio with a decent producer, the whole release would be reviewed in a totally different daylight...  

Valkyrie's Cry seem to have a cool outfit on stage, and a real metal maniac attitude, and I�m sure that they will convince on a stage, but to buy this album might be a step too far.  Try to focus on a good sound in the future, make sure that your songs are above the average and don't forget to practice, practice, practice while you analyze the songs from beginning till end.  I hope that the next album will be a much better product, with a nowadays sound and songs that really impress!    

If you want to check out this band and debut, I suggest to pick up #2 'Iron Sword', #5 'Berserker' and their anthem #10 'Valkyrie's Cry'.  

My rating: 65 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)