Metal To Infinity

Valsans, formed in 1996, is a five piece True Heavy Metal act hailing from Austria. The band released an EP (actually demo) called “Dawn Of Metal” (2004) – some research on Valsans background history allows me to say that the release was a good start but we can’t deny the fact creating only but one demo within 14 years of existence ain’t a big success. We all know that the European Metal scene still lives on and on… it’s a movement that continues to grow week after week which makes it very difficult to reach the top, at least when you decides to set up a band these days. All the acts like to play their stuff in a True Metal way know for sure how hard it is to survive the nowadays scene. 

Also Valsans plays True Heavy Metal and they bring it very well, a fact that comes straight out of my heart. They really breathes Metal – they live for Metal and shout it out loud with ten songs as standing on their debut full CD entitled “Sword”. Vocally wise, I hear both clean (kinda nasal-esque) and quite raw vocals – the match is in perfect balance, pretty unique – joyful all the way out! Speaking about the guitar player’s deliveries of riffings and solo’s – nothing spectacular to announce… the band keeps it all very classic, traditional but what’s True Metal is all about.  

As soon as you will start to play the album, be sure it’ll be time to scream out your passion for Metal while pounding fist up into the air… such as Nasty Ronnie from Nasty Savage once sang in a song called ‘Metal Knights’: “Time to put on studs and leather – time to go out into some heavy weather”. Never let loose your faith in Classic Metal anthems you know! On Valsans’ new effort “Sword” you will hear a nice True Metal anthem as well called ‘The Allegiance’. Listen very closely to the lyrical content, I can feel the spirit of True Metal start to burn from deep inside! ‘Metal Crusade’ is approximately played in the same direction and it’s time to sing along during a track, basically a hymn called ‘Valsans’.  

These Austrians will win no particular prices for being original but that’s not important here – with this new album “Sword”, Valsans succeeds in what they had in mind to realize… making a 100 percent pure True Heavy Metal effort that is made to be played on 10! This is typical a band that is ready to play at festivals like Keep It True, Swordbrothers or Headbangers Open Air – I'm sure Valsans will make the garden burn! For fans of Wretch, Hammerfall, Running Wild, Stormwarrior, Hammerfall and Gun Barrel mainly. Check them out at: or  Order possibilities HERE. 

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Stefan)