Metal To Infinity

Last year, Holland based Vanderbuyst brought out their first full length, self titled album and I was immediately hooked on it. Three guys playing a vintage style of music, actually a blend of late seventies and early Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music. Leader of the band named Willem Vanderbuyst (ex-Powervice) in charge as guitar wielder, make notice this guy really took (and still takes) my breath away. Pure powerplay guitar moves featuring nice melodies and heated riffings… great player all the way out!  My appreciation for VDB’s debut album was very high and so I looked ahead for the continuator – honestly speaking, I had not expected this second effort should appear that soon but a fact is a fact… Vanderbuyst’s new album is out now and is entitled “In Dutch”. 

First I’d like to say that the band toured a lot across Europe since the release of their debut. People who saw these guys during one of the played live performances told me that Vanderbuyst is a fantastic live act. Wild and free, they’re able to set the stage on fire with a furious, very energetic and untameable act. I hope to see these guys myself as soon as possible and I guess that can’t be a problem. They still are on the road the next coming weeks, months… I’ll keep my eye my eye on the live schedule for sure. 

The new album “In Dutch” present 8 songs in a decent sound quality. Those familiar with the band know their sound is hard, they don’t like taking down the sentimental way… hard and mean as hell they really are! I would like to announce “In Dutch” as the ultimate sequel to their self titled, debut work. I still hear Mr. Willem Vanderbuyst still playing very well in his confidential old school manner and that charms me. Best Rock and Metal were made way back in time and I will never deviate from this position.   

Opener ‘Black And Blue’ immediately show where the name Vanderbuyst stands for. This one brings bashing Hard Rock in the vein of good old Ted Nugent, Tygers Of Pang Tang, Thin Lizzy and stuff. Protagonist in this game is undoubtedly axeman Willem VDB who handles his electric shotgun in a way I goddamn like… pure as can be!  

Due to the band consists of only but three musicians, they know how to fill up the musical holes when it’s time. When Willem stops with his riffing to go further with a smashing solo, you might think that the song will collapse but that’s a wrong guess. According to myself, they simply don’t need a second guitar player – everything is real good and tight as it are right now. 

‘Into The Fire’ begins with a beautiful guitar solo from Willem himself who shows a lot of his built up skills through the years. I recommend to listen very close to his excellent right finger tappings… a special form of technique must be present within your fingertips to play it in a way Willem Vanderbuyst does. Another highlight to me is ‘String Of Beads’ where Thin Lizzy / UFO fans gonna have a good time. In between I also like to mention the fact that singer/bass player Jochem Jonkman deliver a good job. Not a world class frontman but that’s not the most important point… he obviously likes what he brings and what he does is really good… he perfectly fits in a band like VDB. Listening more detailed based, I hear some minor interfaces with Dave Mustaine, that’s what I think you know.  

Opener ‘Black And Blue’ rocked my place down but the song ‘KGB’ rips everything to shreds. Short, powerful up-temp piece I really like! Magnificent riffs (somewhere in the vein of Angel Witch’ legendary Angel Witch song) once again, watch out for the incredible right finger tappings - love it! The one that closes “In Dutch” calls ‘Where’s That Devil’ is the most peaceful track but still, when you close your eyes it’ll burns from deep down inside. The very low tempo beats of drummer Barry Van Esbroek hand in hand with a strange kinda vocal use. This time singer Jochem sounds like a man who has been through a lot of pain and misery in his life but that is what this song is all about lyrically wise. I like it and once again it’s Willem Vanderbuyst’s beautiful guitar moves that completely turns me on. To shut down an album with a track like this, some might say it’s a daring move – I say: it’s beautiful and successful. 

“In Dutch”, the second album from Vanderbuyst came out earlier than I expected but what the hell about that. These Holland based lads brought on the goods for sure… I will push the play button over and over again because the effort feels good to me. Ready to Rock? Check:  

My Points: 92 / 100 (Review by Stefan)