Metal To Infinity

Vanderbuyst is a 3-piece formation from The Netherlands who kicked me in the head for the first time back in 2009 with the release of their very first three song EP. Actually the band has been formed in 2008 by ex-Powervice guitarist Willem Vanderbuyst – damn sure I really admire these guys’ style of music right from the start. First time I heard the songs as standing on the EP, I absolutely had a wonderful time. It felt as if the time had stood still and we were living again in the good times of late 70s / early 80s Hard Rock / Heavy Metal with a lethal touch of NWOBHM for real. That is what a band like Vanderbuyst is all about – Willem and his fellow band brothers are really hooked on everything that has to do with old school Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music! To all those never felt the chemistry between this type of music and their inner self – get the hell outta here and try something else! 

I'm ultimately glad Vanderuyst is back with a brand new, self-titled album released by German label VAN Records – I'm not familiar with this label but still I’d like to say that the sound quality is darn good… to me it means not too polished, just very tight and hard as hell! This new album contains seven tracks and I can’t keep my mouth shut to scream it out loud that one by one these tracks take me by the throat. People always talk about the fact Vanderbuyst is a typical live act ripping heads apart during explosive performances and I really do believe every word of it but… due to I personally haven’t seen the band live so far (I hope it’ll happen soon) their studio recordings mean a lot to me as well. The “Vanderbuyst” EP, which see daylight in 2009, deserved a fair and honest high rating – as for the new, full length CD… well, I will raise up my final points towards the maximum no matter what it takes. 

The new Vanderbuyst has seven tracks on board this time the emphasis lies on the superb sounding guitar duties. Loads of awesome guitar riffs and sharp as a razorblade, melodic solo’s playing a leading role in the current game. I can say it over and over again, Willem Vanderbuyst is a very original guitar player to me – he plays the flesh from his fingers… he’s a guitar killer, a very appreciating shredder who like Hard Rock and Heavy Metal very old school minded. And I also praise the other guys in the band a lot as well. Vocalist / bassist Jochem Jonkman simply breathes out his vocal notes somewhere in the vein of very early Tygers Of Pan Tang / Thin Lizzy frontmen Jess Cox and Phil Lynott. 

Tracks I really adore are opener ‘To Last Forever’ mainly because of the original vocals and of course a lot of brilliant riff and outstanding solo services. Next song ‘Tiger’ is my favourite one – right up in your face type of Heavy Metal track with a killer tempo changing in the end – magnificent song also made for die-heard New Wave Of British Heavy Metal fans. Grab a beer and rock yourself outta control with other greats such as ‘New Orleans’ and ‘ Traci Lords’. Eighties headbangers will have a good time on ‘Stealing Your Thunder’ before a live performance of UFO’s ‘Rock Bottom’ starts to run. No one can reach the quality of UFO but Vanderbuyst’s version of that legendary ‘Rock Bottom’ song is quite amazing … check out Willem’s incredible guitar duties! Last one entitled ‘From Pillar To Post’ is another live song which makes me end of this discussion very positive. 

Vanderbuyst – a band formed only two years ago but like to play their stuff in a late 70s / early 80s … total appreciation is on my side guys! Even the fact they’ve just released a new album I already look out for the follow-up. Old school Hard Rock and Heavy Metal never fades away! Wanna hear a living evidence? Check out Vanderbuyst at:  

My Points: 95 / 100 (Review by Stefan)