Metal To Infinity 

Remember my review about the demo of this band in 2007? I was thrilled about these Americans when I heard them for the very First time and I couldn’t wait for their debut album. These guys were excited about my review and showed their feelings about it on their page! Well, finally this first born full album saw the light of day and it’s a pity I didn’t receive it earlier. Why? Because it would have easily deserved a place in my top 20, probably even in my top 5 of 2009. Meanwhile my year list is already on line and it wouldn’t be fair changing it now. 

I will try to explain why I adore this release although I am sure that Metal heads, who often read my reviews, will already know what kind of words will follow! This is pure US Power Metal, as good as it can be! No nonsense, no search for popularity on a cheap way, no cheesy or exaggerating extreme Metal to please the popular media! No, 100% Metal ‘pur sang’ with everything a good Metal disc needs! This is traditional American Metal, taking you by the throat from the very first seconds until the end! I’m no clairvoyant but when I wrote the review about this band’s demo I already knew a top album would follow… 

In that specific review about their demo I already compared the band with Helstar, Liege Lord, Agent Steel, Metal Church etc. Two years later I hear Veins Iced Over did even grow and the band sounds much more mature. A lot has to do with the fact the production on this release is so much stronger than it was on the demo. The difference is rather big and on this release the music doesn’t miss its overwhelming effect! Both guitar players are responsible for razor Sharp riffs and the basic Lines (drums / bass guitar) are producing a devastating wall of sound!  

Comparing the vocals between this album and the demo I hear major differences… The vocals are less high pitched and less high screams are present. Voz (guitars / vocals) uses a more lower and rawer voice in general, reminding me to a mix between Bob Mittchel (ex Attacker, Sleepy Hollow, Alchemy X, Vyndycator), Alexander Koch (Winter’s Bane, Spiral Tower), Warrel Dane (Nevermore era), Jacques Belanger (Exciter) and Metal god Dave Mustaine. Voz has chosen to play a safer game and I can’t blame him for it. It doesn’t mean his lungs are incredible strong and after a few spins I am convinced the band chose the right strategy on this point. On the demo Voz was often playing  a dangerous game on a thin line, if you know what I mean. Because of these changes Veins Iced Over  is getting closer to bands like Megadeth and the modern Winter’s Bane. I’m quite sure the change of vocals will make Veins Iced Over acceptable by a much bigger crowd. 

Musical wise Veins Iced Over offers everything I am longing for! This is technical American style Power Metal with major influences of mid tempo Thrash Metal. I don’t take a word back when I was talking about the bands I compared Veins Iced Over with. The quality of these guys from Florida is at least as good and these musicians sounds professional and ambitious. Heavy and catching riffs, screaming and fast fingered guitar solos, awesome complex and twisted drums, hammering and melodic vocal lines and last but not least an overwhelming energetic power! Especially these guitars, allow me to repeat it once more, are mind blowing and makes me proud being a Metal fan, making me a fan of Veins Iced Over!  

Veins Iced Over wasn’t able to find a label and that is such a shame! It shouldn’t stop purchasing  “The Awakening”! I expect the organizations of KIT and HOA will discover this band too and I can only hope Veins Iced Over will receive an invitation to visit Europe. Check or  

My Points : 93 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)