Metal To Infinity

About 15 years ago, there were some youngsters in Greece that wanted to play metal like their big influences.  The sound should be hard and heavy and spiced up with a little Thrash Metal.  Verdict was born, and the underground was pleased with several demos throughout the years.  As always, line up problems occurred, and after finding the best suitable members, they changed their name into Verdict Denied.

The band played a lot of shows with acts like Tank, Mekong Delta, Paul Dianno and Anvil, and the underground scene knew that this was a potential band that was able to smash some skulls during their ferocious live gigs!

Pure Steel Records offered the band a deal, they entered the studio to record their first output, and there was also a helping hand out of Canada.  Jeff Waters from Annihilator suggested doing the final mix and mastering at his Watersound Studios. That result is now available under the moniker of Condamned, which contains 8 tracks and a total playing time of almost 50 minutes.

From the very first tunes of the song ’Fake Alibies’ you hear the influence of Annihilator in the riffs and arrangement of the song. In every track you get the typical Jeff Waters riffs presented as a copycat, but with lesser details and a kind of clone of Jeff.  They try to play like Jeff, but doesn’t succeed one second to get in his shadow. It doesn’t mean that the songs are a pain in the ass.  Not at all, but they have no guts, and this means no glory…  Verdict Denied can be described as a band with potential, but with a long way ahead of their career to follow the master’s footsteps.

Early Bay Area Thrash Metal bands combined with German Thrash Metal acts might result in style that can fit to Verdict Denied.  Two decades ago, they might have been a ‘pleasant newcomer’, but anno 2009, we need more skills from every musician as individual and a tighter, more striking release to raise our hair in the neck… Check them out in a smoking club, as a support of middle range Metal act, and you have a hell of a night.  The day after, you won’t remember one song, as they are all sameness….

My rating: 75 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)