Metal To Infinity

It’s not obvious to review an unknown band with just one track in hands. The chance to mislead someone is really actual, but I’ll do my best to describe the music and song of Veritate as good as possible! First of all, I wonder why a record label is releasing a single? It’s like a reversed world, as most (major) labels release an album from one of their acts, followed by a single track release for the die hard fans. In this case, we’ll have to cope with the track ‘The Chosen One’, available in 1000 copies.  

The band is hailing from the Southern part of Sweden, Lund to be more precise, and their musical direction is ‘typical Swedish’, if you know what I mean.  The backbone of Veritate is classic heavy metal, with the addition of a little doom and, as they say, a little thrash metal. Perhaps it’s because the foundation of the band, consists of members that played in other bands before. We have musicians from Cult Disciples (occult heavy metal), Santure (thrash metal) and Sorthug (pure Black Metal) that gathered together around 2003 to start a new band that incorporates elements of doom, thrash and heavy metal, among other styles.  

Around 2008, Veritate released ‘Straight Into Hell’ as an independent release, followed by ‘The Rise Of Hatröss’ (2009) on Killer Metal Records.  There are plans for a new album, scheduled for spring 2011, and this track ‘The Chosen One’ could be described as an appetizer of what’s to come.  The song starts pretty cool, like many great heavy metal tracks begin, but after 10 seconds the keyboards take over the melody line, and they can be described as pretty overwhelming and preponderant. When the vocals of Niklas Olausson drop in, we may conclude that he owns a very good throat which fits perfect to the musical direction of Veritate.  At the same time, the guitars of Christofer and Richard are dueling with the keys of Annika Argerich, and the song is evolving into the direction of the chorus line which is pretty bombastic.  All members are scheduled to sing along with the chorus line and this results as a pompous ‘Chosen One’.  

At the end we also hear some high pitched screams by Niklas and it gives an extra twist to this single track.  There is also an extra on this single, because you will find a modified version of The Chosen One, but this time, the lyrics are in their national language: Swedish. Well, I must confess that event he Swedish version sounds great, and I’m sure that this will result in a massive feedback during the live gigs that the band will do in the near future.  Let’s conclude that Veritate surprised me with this one song, and I’m desperate to hear new material to get an overall idea what this band is all about. Fans of Hammerfall with an extra keyboard will dig this band, so check their homepage for additional info: 

My rating: 82 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)