Metal To Infinity

I always love it when I read a guitar teacher plays Metal. It proves, once more, that Heavy Metal musicians are the best amongst the modern music! Oh yes, and all those ignorant people keep on believing Metal is from a lesser kind, we're children of a lesser god! No, we're not and we'll have tons of materials to prove it but why everybody keeps on denying us? Everybody? No, that's not exactly true because there are millions of Metal fans all over the world and this since several decades.  

Let me start again and tell you I adore guitar teachers playing Metal.  Victor Gann is such a man, unknown to me but he's a professional teacher, performer, instructor, song writer... Since my wife is learning how to play the guitar I took the instrument in my hands myself, trying it out... Mission impossible! Anyway it makes me worship these shredders even more! ''The Devil's Been Busy'' is the first album of this man and I was impressed by  it since the very first tones. This is good swinging Melodic shredding guitar music! Victor Gann isn't up to show how many notes he can play in  three seconds but he makes this kind of Hard Rocking instrumental music entertaining. In vein of Satriani of Vai he delivers one after another great track with the solo guitar weaved into them. The love for his wife and daughter gave the man a lot of inspiration, just check the name of the tracks. As a matter of fact it declares why most songs are so emotional.    

You don't hear me say Victor Gann is exceptional in what he's doing, this road has been taken many times before by many guitarists but it was a long time ago I enjoyed a Guitar CD so much. Victor Gann knows to touch the strings on an emotional way, just the way I like it! I suppose his wife Shannon and daughter Victoria gave him a lot of inspiration, two song s were named after them.    

The problem with this kind of albums is that they sound similar, even boring, after a while but that isn't the problem with ''The Devil's Been Busy''. On the other hand I am pitying (again) that there are no vocals added. Why? Because this man is a fantastic song writer and he knows how to touch one man's soul...  

Ten great guitar songs are waiting for you. Just check or 

My points: 86 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)