Metal To Infinity

Vindicator comes from Ohio and their name of the game is old school Thrash Metal … here’s the band’s second album unleashed through Heavy Artillery Records “The Antique Witcheries”. Those not afraid banging their heads to pure thrashing rhythm sections are recommended to stay because this album will bring you the very best in Thrash Metal!  

“The Antique Witcheries” is actually the follow up to their debut effort “There Will Be Blood” which saw the crack of dawn back in 2008. Along with this album, a lot of doors went open for the band – later on, Vindicator played as support act for killer bands like Hirax, Exodus, Destruction, Kreator, Overkill and many more. To make Vindicator’s discography complete I have to mention the fact they also brought out a split album with 80s act Metal Witch. 

About the new album “The Antique Witcheries” I only can tell you nothing but great words. A perfect form of chemistry is immediately audible – brothers Vic (rhythm guitar) and drummer Jesse (both active in a band called Violent Storm before the birth of Vindicator) seem true leaders of the pack to me. Surrounded by the rest of the gang named Marshall Law (vocals), bassist Kidd Chaos and bringer of excellent solo guitar works Mick Mayer – you will feel the heat of true Thrash Metal right on.  

There is a serious link to the almighty Bay Area Thrash Metal scene to me – musically wise, I’d like to bring on bands like old Megadeth (both guitar riffage and solo movements do remind me of good old Dave Mustaine every now and than), early Testament, Cynic, Evil Dead, Atrophy, Attaxe, Mezzrow among others. Fans of the new generation of Thrash Metal like Hexen, Bonded By Blood or Warbringer… better check out Vindicator as well! 

Frontman Marshall Law was active in a Black Metal band – I don’t have to tell how extremely shrieking BM singers can be but don’t be afraid – with Vindicator sings totally different. This time he uses his throat more raw grained. No high pitched or extremely aggressive – just very powerful and straight to the core. Conclusion, he fits completely with the rest of the band and type of music so called Teutonic Thrash Metal! 

Damn awesome tracks are the Dave Mustaine riff loaded song called ‘Beneath The Guillotine’, the fast one with the German 80s character ‘ The Antique Witcheries’, ‘Dead In The Water’ and ‘Sewn To The Flesh’ for all Bay Area Thrash Metal addicts! But my ultimate favourite piece has yet to come – for that I had to wait until the last song entitled ‘Strange Aeons’. Great thrasher with awesome guitar duties and for me a very important fact to mention… it’s reminiscent to the best Thrash scene ever so called Bay Area! 

“The Antique Witcheries” has a very good production as well, even the cover art looks a bit in the vein of Atrophy’s “Socialized Hate” I think Vindicator is strong enough to reach the top of the Thrash Metal mountain for sure… in some ways, they got me by the throat with their style of thrashing – excellent effort for Thrash Metal maniacs only!  

My points: 88 / 100 (Review by Stefan)