Metal To Infinity

Bands that many years ago had an album recorded but unfortunately never released is a story that we have been hearing more and more. Particular great efforts were recorded and that was it, actually works ended just into oblivion. More and more contemporary record labels taken excellent initiatives by the works of re-releasing these valuable products. That's a very good point for all us, Rock and Metal maniacs willing to expand our own CD collection. So thanks to all the so called re-issue type of record companies – the following review for the band Vision and the album entitled “Streetfighter”, a classic one originally recorded back in 1986 and for the first time available through Born Twice Records (formed by Matthew Hunt from Retroactive Records) We should be grateful to this label by the fact they are also has been restored the first two albums from Vision as well!

When I speak for myself, I would like to describe Vision's “Streetfighter” effort as a typically, idiosyncratic Melodic Rock disc.,, or should I keep it more simple and call it American Oriented Rock (AOR) blended with good old Classic or even Southern or Arena Rock influences. Right from the start you are nicely treated with good old traditional Melodic Rock music mainly featuring members armed with a great pallet of skills. I notice that there is a very good singer at work – without forcing himself, this guy sings with great ease and in the vein of Bob Catley (Magnum), Lou Gramm (Foreigner), Steve Overland (FM) or Olaf Senkbeil (Dreamtide). All the members in Vision seem no absolute beginners to me – a bunch of professional musicians is what they honestly spoken. By the way, Lynyrd Skynyrd members Billy Powell (keyboards) and Leon Wilkeson (bass) collaborated to complete “Streetfighter” as well.

Vision obviously kept their song structures quite simple but accoring to myself, I have to admit that in the end every note they played was the right one. Mostly it’s better to keep it pure and simple instead of acting more sophisticated and loosing grip on musical details. Vision does as it should – delivering an oustanding form of AOR music spiced with Southern / Classic Rock ingredients. Sound quality sticks with might far above the average and the divine looking cover art covers the style of Vision perfectly.

I hear a strong opener ‘Stop the Killing’ and the even better ‘I'm Gonna Live’ to get myself into a mood of pure Melodic Rock starring players who know the meaning of good compositions very well. Beautiful track ‘Come Home’ is a catchy Melodic Rock piece and please, pay attention on the great vocal lines those who are delivered in a very immoral way. Good old rocking songs taking the upper hand again later on with tracks like: ‘Called To War’, ‘Mighty War’, ‘Rock This Town’ and ‘Your Eyes’.

I can conclude with a happy note – recorded a couple decades ago and unfortunately never saw the crack of dawn seems quite mysterious to me. Absolute no lack of talent can be heard throughout the entire album so great shot from Matthew Hunt and Born Twice Records (a division of Retroactive Records) who gave this masterpiece a second birth after all. AOR worshippers should be ordered the product already and so fans of Classic Rock or light tinted Southern Rock fanatics better do the same.

My Points: 84 / 100 (Review by Stefan)