Metal To Infinity

Metal maniacs on the prowl to play one or another Nintendo Entertainment System game gonna have a real good time with the album from Vomitron entitled “No NES For The Wicked”. Well, I’m not a ‘gamer’ at all but listening to this effort brings a lot of pleasure. Fully instrumental compositions produced on a very high level, the album feels kinda strange to me but still, all of the songs know how to keep me wide awake. So much variation during the entire album, expect a blistering Heavy Metal ride straight through the world of video gaming! 

It’s all worked out by one person, actually multi-instrumentalist named Peter Rucho who played Thrash Metal band Graveheart as well as he was active (keyboardist) in US Metal act Armory and Frozen. “No NES For The Wicked” has taken up a few years of his precious time but finally, his dream came out and the end result become a very surprising product. I’m a big fanatic of technical played Metal music featuring the most brilliant guitar players, mind blowing bass wielders and skull bashing drums – I can expose a long list of personal faves but i’ll take too much time so forget about it!  

Peter Rucho brings with Vomitron much more than just a feel of playing a video game. “No NES For The Wicked” is the owner of highly appreciation musical skills and that for sure! If You can achieve an album like this, you van call yourself a world class musician. The sound quality is mighty good - crystal clear and power loaded… be a witness of magical guitar riffs, solid solo’s, high tech drumlines / keyboard moves and swirling bass works. A whole lotta package to enjoy – recommendable for those into high-tech instrumental compositions so to all gamers with a Heavy Metal attraction force… let the game begin! More info at: www.vomitron665.com  

My Points: 82 / 100 (Review by Stefan)