Metal To Infinity

The Dutch band Vortex is one of the oldest heavy metal bands that I know from our neighboring country, and perhaps they are one of the purest bands around. Going back to the early days, would take a trip too far and too long, but let’s say that the foundation of Vortex happened around 1980. As usual, they suffered many, many line up changes, and if I would count all former and past members, it would be about 20 musicians.  The band was also put on ice for about 10 years, but it seems like they are back with a vengeance, and stronger than ever before!  And that’s good news, as Vortex are bringing their songs with a lot of power, just straight forward Heavy Metal, and believe it or not, they add an own stamp on their music, which is rather unusual.   

Their first EP was called ‘Metal Bats’ (released in 1985), followed by ‘Open The Gate’ in the following year. After they were disbanded, they released albums like ‘Hammer Of The North’ (2003), ‘Welcome To Metalland’ (2005) and now it’s time for the newest highlight: ‘Drink Bat Blood’.  I guess that the title of the album refers a little to their very first EP, and has great heavy metal artwork, as we know them.  

The album was recorded at ‘Mighty Monster Studio’ in Germany, together with the professional help from producer Sasch Menschl.  They teamed up and created 8 songs that are really interesting to listen to.  Some songs are pretty high speed, others are pumping tracks with a heavy base.  I can’t mention my favorite tracks, as I love them all. It’s that simple.  One day, I would prefer ‘Oblivionimous’, while I prefer title track ‘Drink Bat Blood’ the next day.  And that’s the power that contains this disc, and Vortex can be proud of.  There are a lot of songs that will do great during live gigs, as the audience will have the change to interact with the band.  Many young musicians can learn from this heavy metal band, as their attitude is great, their arrangements are solid and the songs are stripped of all its frills and trimmings. This is just so pure, that we can conclude that the saying ‘less is more’ fits perfectly!  

I must say, that it was already a while that a heavy metal band brought so much pleasure to listen to, well, Vortex did it, and I would say, keep up the good work for another 30 years ! 

My rating: 89 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)