Metal To Infinity

Not everyone is able to make a solo album in its career – only those loaded with very gifted musical skills have the permission to make it all come true. I can write down a whole list of solo albums but that’ll take some of your precious time reading all about – doing this review, it’s my duty and pleasure to spread the word of one of my own favourite singers / guitar players named Wags Wagner.  

His passion for Hard Rock end Metal music started as a 10 years old kid – at this very young age, Wags was present at a Kiss concert way back in time… afterwards, it was clear that this way of music stole his heart. Throughout the years, Wags sharpened both singing and guitar skills step by step and he became better and better as time passed by. A fact that was predestined – Wags played in many bands over the past 25 years. First there was a trip called Outcry followed by others like ConCusion, Public Outcry, Archetype (vocals-awesome US Metal act!), Shatter Messiah (vocals-brilliant US Metal act delivering a fantastic mixture of aggression and loads of technical, pure Metal skills!).  

He also came in touch with Mister Auburn Records named Bill Peters – since 2002 Wags is a member of Cleveland Metal legends Breaker and if that seems to be not enough, it’s my pleasure to mention a band called H.A.T.E. as well. Be a witness of Wags’ excellent vocals on the debut album “Metal Forever”, watch out for their second effort “Inject The Infection” to be released very soon through Metal Blade Records. Actually I can write a book of all the Metal works Wags Wagner did over the last 25 years – long story short, His solo album entitled “Wagsmetalinc” fulfilled with 13 songs about his experiences as a Cleveland Metal musician! 

Allow me to say that “Wagsmetalinc” means what Heavy Metal is all about. To me the album is mainly made for the old school, those who like their sounds of steel in a classic way and I'm goddamn pleased with that! Checking my own Metal collection including albums from Archetype, Shatter Messiah, H.A.T.E,… I know for sure that Wags is a world class musician, a very respectful singer / songwriter and a fantastic pure Metal guitarist able to serve technical shred moves all the way out. 

And again, the story repeats itself… Wags conquers my heart and soul in a complete manner (as expected basically). Wide and versatile ways of singing ranging from very powerful / quite aggressive to clean with high pitched shrieks every now and then. As I hear a song called ‘Evil Reign’ there is no doubt about – Wags is world-class Metal singer to me! Opener ‘Metal That Grinds’ takes me by the throat right away – superb vocals and total shred guitar tactics… hell yeah! Next slap in my face is a song called ‘The Extraction’ which reminds a bit of Annihilator’s ‘Knight Jumps Queen’… excellent powerplay guitar shred to keep me wide wake by exciting! ‘This Will Be The Last Time’ seems to be song with a personal message. Classic heavy loaded guitar riffs, power vocals… this one spits anger it seems.  

And again, I will underline the strength of a song called ‘Evil Reign’ – GREAT vocals and guitar lines, dragging rhythms… I just like this one! More Classic Heavy Metal comes along with ‘Prince Of Darkness’ and it’s time to stamp pedal to the Metal on ‘Metropolitan Zoo’. ‘Fill You Full Of Lead’ is another fave of mine because of the pure Classic US Heavy Metal character this one has to offer. ‘Headbanger’ take you on a pure Metal journey for at least seven minutes. In a low tempo, the track has a lot on board to enjoy – raise your fist up into the air and scream out the words: “…Headbanger You’re One Cool Heavy Metal Dude!…”, an anthem that burns from within! Last one calls “MMM” and is made for a Dutch guy named Mario Van Dooren. A tribute totally composed by Wags to show his dignity to Mario who has its own webzine calls Mario’s Metal Mania – he’s also the brainchild of Mario’s Metal Meetings. I see this song as a very respectful gesture from Wags…  great lyrics those who reflecting what Mario Van Dooren did and still does for the Metal movement these days. Respect dude!

Final conclusion comes along and it’s more than obvious to me – Wags Wagner’s solo album “Wagsmetalinc” is a very good, pure Metal work! Due to my longtime admiration for Classic US Metal, I can be one happy bastard with an album like this. I will shout it out loud that Cleveland Metal still reigns supreme – great job brother Wags! Here soundfiles at: http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/artist_songs/1427657

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)