Metal To Infinity

Going to Germany based Keep It True festival is great… awesome bands, loads of beer and... New people to get in contact  with! I met some Italian and Spanish guys over there who introduced me their band, Walpurgis Night! First of all, they gave me their debut demo, it only took 5 seconds after listening to the demo for me to buy the album! Excellent, just excellent all the way out...

Walpurgis Night, a recent band from Torino in Italy is ready to take the world by storm with their debut album ‘’Under The Moonlight’’ that'd been released back in March 2011. From the moment you start the CD this 5-headed band sets fire into your ears! ‘Castle Ghoul’, the first song on the album immediately shows that these guys (and girl!) know how to play Heavy Metal the way it is supposed to be played. Also the song ‘Invaders With Chains’ is one that blew me away. Mostly because of the most excellent solo and vocal deliveries! It seems very clear to me that their singer got a lot of inspiration for his high pitches by listening to the almighty King Diamond. You can also hear that the guitar playing is very influenced by late eighties Heavy Metal bands.

The album brings us 10, I wouldn´t say pure Heavy Metal, but very Heavy/Thrash Metal influenced songs with most excellent vocals and guitar playing. On top of all the solo’s just blew me away from beginning to the end. No doubt that we will be hearing from this band in the future. A real must have for true defenders of steel. Bands like this are the future for the new generation True Heavy Metal warriors! Thumbs up for Walpurgis Night! More info on the band’s activities at: http://www.myspace.com/duskheavy

My Points: 87 / 100 (Review by Timo)