From out of Chili I’d like to represent you to Warchest. In the Spanish spoken parts of the world there seems to be uncountable Metal bands but it seems only a part of them are able to bring out their releases in our countries. I suppose the most famous English bands find their way to their countries but, because of the language, the way is more difficult in the other direction. That’s understandable although I’ve hear plenty of good South American bands before. Especially Brazil is another ‘Mecca’ for Metal, Chili for sure isn’t. 

Not that Warchest is a typical band from that continent; these guys deliver an album that only contains English lyrics. Way to go although it is often obvious the singer isn’t used to speak English. I don’t really mind, especially German singers suffer the same problems. Musical wise Warchest can be best described as a Power/Thrash Metal band. The old fashioned Thrash was surely a source of inspiration; think for example Annihilator or Death Angel. Otherwise I hear also influences from some nineties bands like Machine Head or Pantera. Traditional Heavy Metal is more than once weaved into the arrangements, with the voice of Christian Palaez the modern Accept even crosses my mind. 

Warchest is a very energetic way and Christian Palaez owns a pretty aggressive voice, yet he stays singing all the way. A strong point is the constantly good played riffs and especially the solos that are heading your way. Maybe that’s the reason why especially Annihilator is what I am thinking about. I suppose it’s clear that Warchest is far from an original band but I don’t mind. The songwriting is not bad although the band needs often too much cliché’s to hold the listener’s attention. This album surely has its strong points, is a bit more than ‘middle of the road’, and is at least a good effort from these guys. 

Strongest song in my opinion is without any doubt “Let Me Down”, a calmer track with a very dark atmosphere. It is also more melodic than the other songs and it fits the band very well. I know, I’m traditional and a big fan of American Metal and that obviously the reason this one pleases me this much. It could have been taken from one or another strong underground US Metal record (Winterkill, Maraya,…). Not at all a bad release that fans of True Metal really should check out. The website is: http://www.warchestband.com.  

My Points: 81 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)