Metal To Infinity

Warcry is a five piece Metal formation that will unleash their second output entitled “Revenge In Blood” around the fifteenth of October 2010 through Pure Steel Records. Never heard of these German lads before – I only know a band with the same name (but written in a different way) used to know from "Metal Massacre 4" compilation, released in 1984 through Metal Blade Records. No matter about that, fact is that Germany based Warcry quite surprised me in some ways! 

Very remarkable trademark of Warcry are the multiple sub-genres of Metal music they’re able to offer with elegance. Feels good to hear the guys playing Classic Heavy, Power and Thrash Metal as well as old school Black or NWOBHM… they know for sure how to make their own way of Metal amusing, attractive or even impressive. And than I speak about their music style only – please make notice of the fact Warcry have a very good singer in its ranks also! Delivering vocal notes in high pitched ways or aggressive, more Death / Black Metal alike – he can handle it all without forcing himself. Just check out opener ‘Pure Force Of Steel’ and clincher ‘Banshee’… I'm sure you’ll agree with me the vocals reaching a high level due to a lot of alternation deep within singer The Almighty’s throat. 

I’ve heard uncountable cover songs in my life so far and hell yeah – Warcry brings on another one that really means lot to me because it’s all about a song from one of my favourite Classic Metal acts named Omen. Title of the track is ‘Deathrider’ (taken from Omen’s “Battle Cry” debut album) – well, Warcry’s version of this song got me by the throat right on! All has to do with the fact there is a guest singer audible by the name of George Call, the almighty frontman we all know for sure from his incredible works (vocals / guitars) with Aska and the new Omen fame as well! I praise Mr. George Call like a True God Of Metal. You will hear him singing on the new “Revenge In Blood” as a strong  teamwork with Warcry’s frontman Martin aka The Almighty. Omen songs are untouchable and everlasting … bands creating one or another cover track from these Classic US Metal legends, well respect is on my side but no one can reach the quality of Omen. Warcry’s effort to make their own version of ‘Deathrider’ was a really good shot! 

“Revenge In Blood” is a very amusing product that’ll make all the Classic Heavy / Power / Thrash / Black Metal maniacs pounding their fists in the air on the rhythms Heavy Metal music as played during the last 30 years! Good album to me – barely 50 minutes of pure Metal nostalgia! Watch out for Warcry at: www.warcry-band.de  

My Points: 84 / 100 (Review by Stefan)